Summer transfer window 2017
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We are definitely getting into the CL with that team, and could even challenge Juventus for the title, if all the pieces click and the team gels together. Still, i just don't believe the Modric rumors...even though he may want a change of scenery after being in Madrid for so long and basically winning everything with them. Even so, I don't see how he chooses us over a host of other clubs that will be lined up......but maybe, just maybe, he wants to experience Italy.
I don't think Modric will happen to put it simply. Barring exceptional circumstances, I don't think the deal's really feasible.

Latest rumours are Gonzalo Rodriguez is being looked at. I'd be happy with him if I'm honest, he'd come at no fee, given his contract runs out in June and he'd make a good backup in CB (can also be used in back 3).
Can we have R. Rodriguez, G. Rodriguez and J. Rodriguez in the squad for the next season? Big Grin I heard that the last one is definitely going to Manchester United though.
No to Gonzalo Rodriguez. The guy is worse than Paletta and Zapata. Every time I saw Fiorentina play this guy was terrible, making huge errors along the way. It's not even a sideways move, it's a backwards one imo. Gonzalo from 2/3 years ago, ok. But the one from this season is a big no for me....and I don't see how he'll improve on the performances of this year at his age just because he comes to Milan. If anything, I only see it getting worse...

I think Zapata/Paletta/Gomez is good enough for back up. I don't see why Gonzalo is needed.
If...If Fabregas came and got say a 3 year deal on huge wages , how motivated would he be at 30.Thats a tad bit of a concern for me.He also wants to win the Champions league and thats part of why I dont see him leaving Chelsea unless its for a side that is set up to have an actual push for the Champions League now and not in 3 or 4 years.
Morata , Ive said why I dont want him or at least why I prefer others.The news now is that Keita wants Juve , Lazio would prefer to sell to us but it will be what the player wants in the end.I dont know why we're looking at Gonzalo Rodriguez he's 33 was never great just good and has been poor this year , on a major downslide.

I guess we'll know pretty soon what will happen as they cant and wont wait until August 27th to start doing business and signing players.
I get why you guys are down on G.Rodriguez, but I think his drop in form are as much to do with Paulo Sousa as much as anything else. It's notable that he was one of the most competent defenders in Serie A under Montella, and when he left and Sousa came in, his form just nosedived. Fiorentina have major issues in the backline this season in general, they are defensively poorly set up. As a backup, I think Rodriguez on current form is around on par with Paletta and Zapata this year (they've all had "brainfarts"). However, if Montella can get a little bit of that form back from previous years with him, which I don't think is unrealistic, then he'd be a very good backup to have for free and certainly an improvement over the other two.

More concerning is I read the other day that Montella likes Diego Farias of Cagliari for his tactical versatility. It's a transfer that wouldn't make much sense to me, even if he's a squad player. He's 27 and has no notable achievements in his career, never even being a regular starter for the teams he's played for in Italy, even though you're talking about Sassuolo and Cagliari. He might be a cheap squad player, but honestly I still don't think he should be part of a project with ambition. As for tactical versatility, Ocampos is also tactically versatile, but that means nothing when he's mediocre in everything he does.
Maybe Sousa is to blame for his bad form (although responsibility has to be shared). The fact of the matter is that even if Gonzalo performed well under Montella, that was a 2 full years ago. I just think now that we have finances available, what is the point of doing a "Galliani" thing again. What I mean by that is signing a 33 year old player whose last good season was 2 years ago, and hoping that he gets back to the level of that time.
I think it makes sense if possible, he'd add some strength in depth. Ely will be gone this summer and I think one of Zapata, Paletta and Gomez will leave. Assuming Mussachio will be brought in for the first team, it's a case of we still need one more for the squad and I'm sure we'd prefer not to spend there to keep resources for elsewhere.

Here's one for the rumour mill...
Lacazette looks to be going to Atletico, to be Griezmann replacement
We just qualified for Europa League qualification and there are 10 days left until the mercato..