Summer transfer window 2017
Latest update, Andre Silva in Milan for his medical.

Jesus, 4 signings in under 2 weeks (12 days exactly) of the transfer mercato.
Conti and Biglia up possibly by next week (once the internationals end).
Plenty of time to find our Mr. X this year, eh? Sagrin
We got the young 'un's. We take out big gunz  Devilcool
I couldn'n stop following transfer news in the weekend, so I decided to skip today, but can't fight the urge, then... wow.

Andre Silva is the option I like the most. Forza F & M !!!
Yup. I agree silva and costa upfront will be explosive, i think if we want to play a lone striker, someone like costa is more preferred rather than bacca.

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I like Silva, but he looks quite slender to play SC in Serie A. Costa can "protect" him.

And we are ignoring Biglia for Krychowiak, a pure DM. If Krychowiak and Kessie play, we need an AMC with creativity and the only one we are linking with is... James Rodriguez Big Grin


Actually one of the things I like about Silva is his work rate and his ability to hold up the ball. I really hope his transition period isn't long.
Ronaldo gave the lad a glowing endorsement. Who knows, maybe he'll do the same for James too Big Grin
We got the young 'un's. We take out big gunz  Devilcool
Well, Donnarumma has basically confirmed he's staying. According to GQ he says he's looking for a house in Milan for him and his family and that everyone knows he wants to stay at the club, including Raiola. "I'm very much tied to these colours."

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The transfers that new management did just shows how terrible Galliani was at his job. I think that everyone was aware how things were bad, but they could not do anything because Galliani probably could not admit that he was wrong. Boy, his transfer policy was so bad that Milan will get almost new line up, new starting eleven. I was sceptical eith new owners, but now I completely support them. They are doing this transfer window almost perfectly, all new players are young and quality. And this is privably just the start, the best is yet to come.
Milan will have very young line up and this looks like begining of a project based on young players, that have potential to be world class players. And they will probably have the power to challenge Juve, but probably the goal will be CL place. And also, other player like Suso, Bonaventura, Locatelli will be even better with more quality players around them.
And I would keep Bacca, with proper midfield players he can score a lot. His statistic so far is excellent with these mediocre players around him.
And I think that Bertolacci wil now show all his potential, because the attention will be on new players and he will not be under pressure like last season to show his value. He will be like new signing.
About time Gigio! Big Grin Still I wait for the official announcement and then will wait and see, as knowing Raiola, this will reoccur next summer.

On Andre Silva, I think somedevil's right, his workrate is something that shouldn't be ignored. Rumours are Krychowiak might be coming today. Siregar, while I agree to an extent that him and Biglia are different, I think people underestimate Krychowiak's passing game, even though he's not a natural regista.

nefremo, while it would seem odd Montella would shift to 4-4-2 (or 4-2-4 if you prefer), I think he's shown that he's prepared to shift system in recent years and isn't inflexible. Moreso, I think the last few years have seen a return of the system, and with Italy using it with success lately, quite a few coaches in the league may be taking note of Ventura's work.
Hi everyone,,

Just registered today after coming back & fortg up in this forum with some unbelievable news update that i still cant believe ,,, we fans waited patiently for about 6 years for a decent mercato & there u go ,, what a way to kick thing fassobilly ,,

Anyway,, another reason I registered was to mention a player that am sure will create miracles in our midfield,, the guy's name is Omar Abdulrahman ,, playing in U.A.E , and only reason he still hasnt landed in Europe is that apparently his team is paying him enough to stay ,, will am sure with some persuasion from our managment ,, we can get this guy for less than 25 million € ,,,, he is worth over 60 mil. With todays rates ,, i dare to say he's even better than james rodriguez ,,

Heres a link to some of his magic ,, and trust me ,, this aint but a drop of water on what this guy can actually do ,, plllz someone recommend our management to him ,,

Enjoy ?