Matchday 25: Milan vs. Fiorentina (Sunday, February 19, 2017 20:45 CET)
We have way too many players that don't belong.

Donnarumma is probably the only exception.

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(02-19-2017, 10:38 PM)xudong Wrote: We have way too many players that don't belong.

Donnarumma is probably the only exception.

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Next season's ItalMilan will get rid of some of them Grinundwech
We're not managing the result well, but we're just about hanging on.
Crap, my stream dropped. 30 seconds left

Edit: Looks like 2-1 full time
a hard-fought 3 points, but our quality is extremely concerning.
according to

shots on target: 3-8
shots off target: 2-6
possession: 44-56
corners: 3-7

thankfully we had one decent first half (which really should have been at least 2-0 or even 3-0).
I think the result was deserved, we defended desperately but we did enough, Donnarumma wasn't tested.

That said, the quality on the pitch is terrible. Bacca looks like a guy who has just come from an all you can eat buffet, Sosa may have moments on the ball but will cost us points, Vangioni is just terrible, Gomez is a hot mess of a defender and has shown 0 growth since he joined. That's not even looking at the quality of the subs, none of which have played to suggest they should even be at Milan.

I think Montella put in a good performance. I understand why he chose Sosa, though I don't agree with it, but otherwise I think he was tactically smart today and made the right calls on the whole (including the 5 man defence at the end).
The problem is simply quality. Montella's attacking style is not that much different from the way Napoli or Roma play. I noticed this in this weekend's matches. The thing is, they actually have players with skill and technique to pull off excellent passes, crosses and solo efforts. We don't have a single player who can reliably send cross after cross into the box.

We simply do not have the quality all over the attacking positions. Hence we do not score goals. Put Bacca in Arsenal, and he will score goals for fun. For him to succeed there needs to be better than Sosa and Pasalic both of whom hopefully will leave Milan in the summer.

If we are building a great Milan from scratch then we do not need maybes. We need a handful of sure things and the rest of them, potentially talented youngsters.