it's me again.
posted under the name Meazza, like 15 years ago or something, and on and off since. I can't remember if I've joined this iteration of the board or not but it didn't seem to recognise the username I have. (wish I'd signed up as Paulo Inzaghi, anyone who actually gets that joke might remember me)

still keeping an eye on the club even if I don't have enough time to really follow football these days. like the look of our mercato this season.

HI Paolo Inzaghi, welcome back Big Grin
No ho visto Superman volare, ma ho visto Super Pippo segnare. I supereroi esistono davvero.
Welcome back. I remember your username. Smile
Welcome back, mate! Big Grin
Welcome back Big Grin
Welcome back Smile I remember your posts better with the username Meazza Big Grin That said, it's not like I forgot Paulo Inzaghi, an all time classic Big Grin
The good old Paulo Inzaghi thread! Big Grin But yes, I also remember your old username. Welcome back!
When I saw the name of this thread I was sure it was abbeylee the gayern fan Icon_lol2 glad I was wrong, welcome back Smile