Football’s Biggest Shirt Sponsorship Deals (Revealed)
FC Barcelona signed a record-breaking shirt sponsorship deal with Japanese company “Rakuten” worth £188 Million Over 4-Years which more a less match Manchester United’s record shirt deal with american car manufacturers Chevrolet worth £53 million a year. Real Madrid are also in the process of negotiating a new deal which is sure to eclipse both United and Barcelona in terms of financial windfall. We take a look at 10 biggest shirt sponsorship deals in world football today.
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Manchester United’s 7 year shirt sponsorship deal with Chevrolet is the fast becoming the bench mark for the other European giants and Barcelona has announced a record breaking deal with Japanese company Rakuten where they will be paid around £47 million a year just from shirt sponsorship contract. Their previous deal with QatarAirways was worth around £26 million a year.

Manchester United kick started their 7 year deal with american car brand Chevrolet at the start of 2014-15 and this agreement will bring in massive £53 million a year for Manchester United along with £75million kit deal with adidas. No wonder even without Champions League football United are able to buy big name players.

FC Barcelona – Barcelona has ditched QatarAirways as their main shirt sponsor and signed a financially lucrative deal with Japanese company Rakuten worth around £188 million over 4 year deal. The new deal starts from 2017-18 season and will last till 2021 with an option to extend further 1 year. Barcelona are doubling their financial power with new deal compared to previous Qatar-Airways deal which was worth €30 million (£26m) a year.

Chelsea – Chelsea and Yokohama announced new 5-year shirt sponsorship deal back in 2015 which is worth £40 million a year.
Arsenal‘s Fly Emirates deal is worth £30m a year which they signed last year, it will bring in £150 million for arsenal in the next 5 years.
Bayern Munich extended their previous 10 year deal with german telecom company “Deutsche Telekom” for further 4 years at increased yearly incentives at £25 million a year

Real Madrid – Madrid are in process of negotiating the extension with Fly Emirates for shirt sponsorship which is rumor to eclips both United and Barcelona similar deals. Their current contract expire at the end of 2017-18 season and Madrid are expected to announce new deal by the end of 2017.
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