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Who do you prefer?
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I love all 3 Okmilan  But

Sacchi: Galli as GK? Big Grin

Capello: Weah & Baggio? They played only one full season under Capello, IIRC

Ancelotti: Costacurta as RB? He was just quality backup under Carlo. And Kaka has much more infulence than Rui (who was just main actor in  2002/2003)  

Anyway, thank you for bring back the sweet memories   Okmilan
The order for me is:

1) Sacchi: His approach to football defined a lot of my vision for the ideal form of play. His side also introduced me to the club and made me a supporter, along with Capello's side.
2) Capello: The picture most definitely doesn't represent his best or most consistent side, but he wasn't a distant second to Sacchi. While more pragmatic in approach, his side still played phenomenal football.
3) Ancelotti: On a technical level I think the best team we've had was under Ancelotti though I'd probably choose 2004 or even 2005 to represent his side. I don't rate his side quite as highly as Sacchi's and Capello's sides as I never thought they were quite as strong tactically and mentally.

Edit: Of course I love all 3 sides! Big Grin

Aficio, Galli in goal is Giovanni Galli, not Filippo who was first option off the bench for defence.
Sacchi's Milan is obviously number one. Capello's Milan was formidable but I am emotionally attached to Ancelotti's Milan so they are a joint second.

Btw you forgot to add Allegri's Milan Big Grin
Thank Dev,

And I think Zaccheroni's Milan is better than Allegri's. We won the Scudetto without being the strongest.
That 99 Scudetto will always be special. Grande Abbiati !
I can't pick one. It's like choosing who is the sexiest Victoria's Secret Angel Devilol
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The team that made me a fan, can't pick any other than Sacchi.
I became a Milan fan because of Van Basten, even though I was still too young to appreciate the tactical genious of Sacchi at that time. Having seen plenty of those game again now that I understand the game, I gotta say that Sacchi's side is yet to be matched. So my vote goes to it.

Capello's Milan was a machine though and it's hard to vote against it. I'll never forget steamrolling through Barca in 94 but also that tough tough loss against Ajax in 95.

Ancelotti's 2003-2005 Milan, as Dev said, was technically one of the best sides ever assembled. Funny thing is that in 2004 (Deportivo fiasco) and 2005 (Istanbul) we were by far the best and most dominant team in Europe, yet won the CL in 03 and 07 when we weren't favored to do so. That Sheva disallowed goal vs Barca also still hurts. Even though over the 2 legs Barca was probably more dangerous and had more momentum with Ronaldinho in his best years...I still think we'd have knocked them out had that Sheva goal stood (which it should have).

I'd put Capello's and Ancelotti's sides on an equal level.
Given my age I was only able to fully experience & understand Ancelotti's era. I was young when watching Capello.

I just remember Shevchenko being our hero. Any time I'd have to miss a CL match I just always remember checking the score and he was always there. Even if he didn't score as much as Ronaldo & Messi, he was one of the best players in big matches of all time, he always came through.