Patrick Cutrone
(09-07-2017, 09:19 AM)ACMILAN1983 Wrote: I don't think the upturn in our youth department is actually a huge shock. While Berlusconi and Galliani got a lot wrong over the past 10 or so years, the one thing they did make significant improvements in is the investment in the youth sector. This included improving the scouting (notably with Bianchessi who has unfortunately left under the new management) and actually making significant investment in getting top young talents (e.g. Mastour's investment was huge given his age). They've also put in place a structure where all age groups are encouraged to play with the same style of play as the senior team.

If you set up a clear structure in place and invest then it's inevitable that there will be results. With young talents there's always the risk it doesn't always work out, like with Mastour, but the law of averages means that you will end up with successes too.

The real positive for us is that it doesn't seem the new management are going to stop investment in youth talents, as during the summer a number of promising players came in and we're potentially looking at huge investments in January with Pellegri and/or Salcedo.

I know BG invested gave more focus on youth development lately by investing a lot enough (but not too much). We should benefit from the investment BUT I dont think people would have thought about this: having Donarumma who in our number one in GK and already in Italy NT squad by the age of 18 yo, Locatelli who was regular starter last season as Regista also 18 years old and now Cutrone who is showing to follow the path of Donarumma/Locatelli by getting games from first minute with Milan first team and still 19 yo. They are like Milan material (Cutrone especially needs to prove much). These players are/have been competing with good-very good players.

Milan had De Sciglio and latter Calabria but both are still doubtful to be starter for our team now (DeS to Juve but the chance he starts is low). Although DeS was taunted talented but our fullbakcs in the last five years or so have been not that good (or even bad).
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I understand what you're saying, but I don't think this is beyond the realms of expectation.

Donnarumma's a phenomenal talent, but that was known from the start and that's why there's not a huge shock on his performances. Locatelli's performances are also to be expected (he was considered a star in the making since at least 14). The difference with him to others is that circumstance last season meant he was a regular starter and able to show his value early on. That's not to discredit him in any way, but to an extent the troubles at the club have afforded him some space to break through.

Cutrone's similar, he's an excellent talent and one who for a long time was considered a potential goalscorer for the future. His stats generally speak for themselves as he's the all time youth top scorer and has a tremendous goalscoring record at every level. He's one I've definitely been aware of for a long time now and back in January (I think), when the Belotti rumours were ongoing I suggested we had Cutrone in the youth set up that could go on to become our own Belotti. I don't want unfair pressure and expectations on the kid's shoulders, but he's a player that for a while was recognised as a potentially great talent.

Obviously we have others like DES and Calabria and they should be the baseline expectations of what we can get from the youth system. Maybe not necessarily top talents that are earmarked as future starters, but good players who can help us build our squad and give depth in house.

As mentioned, for all the successes, there are disappointments. Mastour's the most obvious example, but also lesser known names. In my view I'm a little surprised at the difficulty Di Molfetta's had since breaking through to the senior level, as in Primavera he was simply outstanding.
It is absurd to think of putting the Milan season behind him
Cutrone does the Kaka challenge

I'm slightly concerned about the hype around the kid this past week or so. He's a great talent (anyone who followed him in the youth set up would have taken note back then already), but I want him to be allowed to play without pressure. He's been excellent this season and deserves to start, but I think he needs to be protected and just allowed to grow in peace.
Agree. I think he'll be fine though. It comes with the territory. Also, from all the interviews I've seen with him, he seems to have a good head on his shoulders.
Speaking of hype, just today saw this on 'AC Milan Fans Club' page on FB

[Image: 28166391_10156175862267630_8926781061192...e=5B132442]
I'm hoping you're right nefremo. Just don't like too much hype.

That's a pretty cool picture though Big Grin
Let's hope that Cutrone will NOT take over that #9 jersey. IIRC, there has been a curse in recent seasons. This season it is even worse! Our #9 hasn't scored one single goal in Serie A. Angry
Cutrone signed a new contract until 2023. Around €1 million plus bonuses per season. I wonder what it would be if he had Raiola as his agent...