Serie A (Matchday 4): Milan - Udinese (Sunday Sept. 17th, 15:00 CET)
Here we go, my third game thread....2 wins so far in my previous 2. I kind of pick and choose which ones to open up though....I didn't dare open the Lazio one.  Devilol I might even retire with a perfect record if we win this one too.  Sagrin

It's time to get back on track in Serie A. Udinese is probably a good opponent at this point to "help" us do that. 

Udinese's results so far:

Genoa (home) - 1:0 W
Spal (away) - 3:2 L
Chievo (home) - 1-2 L

Gazzetta has the following probable line up for them:
Larsen - Danilo - Nuytinck - Samir
De Paul - Barak - Jankto - Lasagna
------------Maxi Lopez----------------

I still remember last year's meeting when De Paul should have been sent off for a horrible tackle on De Sciglio, yet was allowed to stay on the field and scored a minute or two later. 
We have to pay attention to Jankto. He really seems to be an up and coming young star in Serie A. He scored their winning goal against Genoa last week. I think we should be able to deal with Lopez just fine, but Lasagna and De Paul will probably be a bigger threat on the outsides. Udinese's player that I really like is Seko Fofana, but he may not be playing in this game. I was hoping to get a chance to see him play against us. 

Milan's predicted line up by Gazzetta:
-----Mussachio - Bonucci - Romagnoli----
-Abate - Kessie - Biglia - Bona - Rodriguez
---------------Suso ------ Kalinic--------------

If this is really going to be line up, that's 4 changes from yesterday's game in the EL. Bonaventura for Hakan, Musacchio for Zapata, Rodriguez for Antonelli, Suso for Silva. We have another midweek game on Wednesday against Spal and another 2 games after that (1 EL, 1 regular Serie A on the weekend) there are a lot of games coming up and some rotation will be good and necessary. 
HOWEVER, I think if Montella wants to integrate Suso in the line up, it should be for Kalinic and not Silva. You can't sit down Silva on the bench after a hat trick. Let him ride this wave of positivity and hopefully carry on the scoring in Serie A. Bonaventura for Hakan is a natural change so I don't have much of a problem about it, even though like Silva, I'd like to see Hakan carry on his form in Serie A. 
Also, I want to see Locatelli play in this game. I think he can do the job that Kessie is doing so I think that would be a natural change. We shouldn't limit Locatelli to only the regista position. Imo, he is perfectly capable of playing as a RCM and will become better there with time.
Conti 4 months out? According to preliminary reports.
Conti's being discussed in his player thread here

I agree with everything you say nefremo. If Montella drops Silva now it will be extremely frustrating, the guy put in a great game yesterday and deserves confidence. Hakan for Bonaventura makes sense, though I'd hope he'd communicate that well to Hakan as like Silva, Hakan actually deserves to keep his place.

I'd actually try to keep as close as possible to the lineup from yesterday for consistency, even knowing there's another match a few days later. Musacchio for Zapata and RR for Antonelli would be the only changes I'd make, the rest I'd keep on. Even with 3 games a week, if Montella rotates too much it will be hard to build the right team chemistry. At this point of the season, fatigue isn't going to be as big a problem and knowing these are games we should be winning, a few positive results with pretty much the starting lineup will help build confidence.
After 3 goals on bench? wow.
Avaiting for arrival of exorcist into our boardroom.
With the Conti injury, I wonder if another solution would be to push Kessie wide and fill his spot with Bonaventura or Locatelli. I'm not convinced that Abate is reliable and Calabria is way to raw still.
Both Silva & Cutrone deserve to start ahead of Kali but I guess Montella wanna get the later in shape.
There is a lot of games & we will need all three now that we might be playing with two of them more often.
As expected Suso & Hakan will be rotated playing as a treq.
Bona need also to start to get in shape & he will be helping Suso in the creativity department.
I really want more fluidity from him since now he is always running with the ball.
He can be much more useful taking the easy approach & spraying the ball more often.

We need to have a working system running & then it wont matter what players we field.
Cant wait for the game... I really want to see our team in seriea.
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2-0 Milan
(09-15-2017, 06:02 PM)honsano Wrote: With the Conti injury, I wonder if another solution would be to push Kessie wide and fill his spot with Bonaventura or Locatelli. I'm not convinced that Abate is reliable and Calabria is way to raw still.
It is good ideal but I think it is too early to that. Like other said, it is better to keep the players same like Last game, only email changes: Zapata Antonelli with Musa dan RR. But I do like the ideal, it would improve our attack and at the same time would not reduce our defensive quality in miedifeld.
"When Costacurta and Maldini won they didn't celebrate much. They were thinking about winning the next game" - Alessandro Nesta
Looking like a 3-5-1-1 with Suso playing behind Kalinic
(09-15-2017, 06:02 PM)honsano Wrote: With the Conti injury, I wonder if another solution would be to push Kessie wide and fill his spot with Bonaventura or Locatelli. I'm not convinced that Abate is reliable and Calabria is way to raw still.

We need to play Abate and Calabria there. It sucks to have Conti out for this long, but if we can't use Abate and Calabria in their "natural" position as cover when the starter is injured, then why the hell did we even keep them here?? RWB may actually allow Calabria to shine. He is really terrible when defending, but not so bad at all in the attacking half. I think this position will bring the best out of him. If he can't do well playing RWB, then we might as well not count on him much because we've all seen how hopeless he can be when playing as a RB in a back 4. The kid is still very young and he will improve. I think this position will make the most out of his best qualities in the short term. It gives him time to develop his defensive side a bit slower without being exposed like a little child in every game.
Abate on the other hand can be the more defensive option on that side and can allow Rodriguez to be more adventurous on the left hand side. It's not ideal, I know. But there is no reason to panic just yet and start taking players out of their natural position (Kessie as you mentioned) and sticking them on the right side to play RWB. 

We will be fine. These things happen. I believe in Calabria and Abate to get the job done for the time being. If they are THAT terrible, then we can sign someone in January and let one of them go. 

I am more concerned about this no sense rotation that Montella is doing for whatever reason. He is playing with fire and will piss off some people eventually, and that can ruin the atmosphere in the locker room. If he wants to rotate Suso in the squad, it is perfectly understandable. Just don't do it at the expense of the guy that just scored 3 goals a couple of days ago. It makes no sense.