Napoli vs Milan Nov.18th
It wasn't a pretty game by any means against sassuolo but we got 3 points and we at least started shooting on goal. 

This Napoli will be very difficult but I will not lose my thread starting job that I want to go Honor. We have to be honest with ourselves we're going for a draw or luck on our side to win. I really hope this teams starts realizing they are not as bad as they've been performing and play with some balls and belief. 

I definitely would want to see a 4 man defense for this game id play montolivo (can't stand him) in from of the defense and use a 3 man mid with cutrone and Silva as our strikers.

Draw or we win 0-1. And my unbeaten steak continues. Forza XU
I Heart ACM !!
Sell Donnamanure!!
I just dont see us wining the game ... not with 3 at the back , not with 4 or even 5.
We can win a Roma or an Inter or even a Juve but i just dont see us edging this Napoli.
Its a characteristic issue with Napoli representing the way i want us to play ... with passion & solidity.
We are unfortunately the opposite thanks to Monto & co.

I will gladly eat my words if we managed even to draw with them.

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As good as Napoli plays in the field, they are a very wasteful team in the final third. That sounds crazy to say since they've scored more goals than anyone except Juventus this season.....but it's actually a compliment (and maybe something that will be in our favor) to them because they could have had another 10-15 goals easily.

Sarri has them effordlessly bring the ball up through the lines with quick short passes and combinations....but the "problem" is that they carry this on in and around the opponent's box as well and many times "over-combine" when there are other "less spectacular" ways to score.

It's inevitable that Napoli will create scoring opportunities. But if they over-complicate things, then maybe we can get lucky. I believe that we can score 1 or 2 goals against them. The problem is that they will 99% score also. Our chances in this game will depend on napoli themselves. If they are not clinical and "only" score one goal, then we can snatch something out of this game.
2-1 win incoming
This is going to be one of those games that we need them to be at their worst and us at our best. A lucky handball penalty etc but we need points. Even a point to Napoli with easier games coming can get us some momentum, we all know we will make 4th by a long shot the way things seem. But it's way too early to give up now . Hoping for the football gods to give some draws and losses to teams above us and points, points, points for Milan.

1-1 or 0-1 for Milan.
PS they can bore me to death this game of they get us 3 points.
I Heart ACM !!
Sell Donnamanure!!
3-1 Napoli
It's hard to be optimistic about this match, but it's not impossible. The recent AEK match aside, I think our performances have shown improvement in the past month. There are a lot of problems still, but at least there's been some progress.

Napoli will attack, they're at home at they need to try and get three points at all costs. However, them being favourites with a need to win means all the pressure is on them rather than us. The biggest difficulty I think Napoli have is they only really have one way to win. They're limited to winning by playing their game, and that means they don't really have a clear plan B if opponents can disrupt their game (not easy by any means). Disrupting their game can also result in damaging their confidence, as evidenced at how much they've struggled to win when things aren't going as planned.

I think to disrupt them needs to be done in midfield. If you can stop the passing moves and triangles in midfield by congesting it, they're limited to going wide. Callejon's movement needs to be tracked, but he's not a player who will unlock teams on his own. Instead, they will need to rely on Insigne and Mertens. However, keep tight on them and try to force them to play back to goal and you've limited Napoli's biggest threats.

Congest the midfield by pushing high (Jorginho or Diawara cannot have any time on the ball) and disrupt the flow of the ball and their movement to restrict them would be my approach. On the ball, I think quick and very direct attacks should be the approach. As Napoli always stay compact, teams that have a clear idea to transition the ball from defence to attack in an instant can give them difficulties. I'm not sure if we can do this, but I think it's our best chance.

The lineup predicted when I last checked was:


Some player choices aside, the notable choices come in midfield. The midfield three need to be aggressive, they aren't a good passing midfield so possession will probably be limited. They need to win the ball as quickly as possible and get the ball wide or into the attack as fast as possible. The two wide men are very attacking, with both natural attackers rather than wingbacks. That means one thing to me, they need push high and be aggressive, attempting to pin back the Napoli wingbacks with Musacchio and Romagnoli's roles becoming vital to limit Insigne and Callejon. If we play this way, we won't have a spare man at the back, so we have to be on high alert, because a mistake will lead to a goal chance.

That said, that is also a side that's put out to attack and win the match. Not a side to sit back and defend, it should be looking for a win, a slightly more conservative (only a little) approach to what we saw vs Inter second half.

If we see this lineup and then see our players all dropping back into our half to defend, we'll be committing suicide this match.
Lol ,Kalinic again...
Avaiting for arrival of exorcist into our boardroom.
Suso behind Kalinic , may be I missed something but that was the big flop earlier in the season
He is not going to play behind Kalinic. He will basically be a right wing just like how he's been playing in the previous few games.

Defensively, we will end up being a 3-5-1-1....but when we attack, Bonaventura and Suso wip more or less become wingers. It is an asymmetrical shape as only 1 of the fullbacks, Borini, will overlap and flood the right side while the left side will more or less be only Bonaventura. I expect that Montolivo and Kessie will alternate in entering the area and getting into the hole centrally.

So something like this when we least this is what I think it will/should be,

------Musacchio - Bonucci - Romagnoli---------

It could work. Let's see what happens.