Milan vs Torino Nov 26th
I'm starting this thread on behalf of our fearless leader Reza. I will let him do all the detailed match info, all I will say is we are playing against my favorite coach from our past 3 coaches. Let's see if we can keep up the good play from Thursday (I don't think it'll be that easy ) 

I still feel we should be able to pull out a win. Take it Reza
I Heart ACM !!
Sell Donnamanure!!

Called up:

A. Donnarumma, G. Donnarumma, Storari
Antonelli, Bellanova (47), Bonucci, Gomez, Musacchio, Paletta, Rodriguez, Romagnoli, Zapata
Biglia, Bonaventura, Borini, Calhanoglu, Kessie, Locatelli, Montolivo
Cutrone, Kalinic, Andre Silva, Suso.

Montolivo could start, Kalinic will likely get a start too, Montella still refusing to use Silva and Cutrone more. I believe this is a first call up for Ballanova, 17 years old RB.
I'm expecting no less than to start game with Kalinic solo.
Avaiting for arrival of exorcist into our boardroom.
if we start kalinic i wont be expecting a win in this game
Kalinic isn't that bad.
Whether it's Kalininho, Silva or Cutrone the problem is 
When is the last time have you seen a proper through ball? The Juve game perhaps?

Silva can create a chance or two on his own.
Kalinic is probably the best "tip of the spear #9" striker we have (although Cutrone looks to be sharper in all honesty)
Cutrone's positioning and work rate reminds me of Pippo.

But until we figure out how to get the ball past or even into the midfield... we're going to struggle.
Milan is a rose
Love even the thorns
(11-26-2017, 04:03 AM)drucurl Wrote: Kalinic isn't that bad.

You saw what he missed so far ,right? Screw attacker who needs 8 great oportunities to score one goal. That's for Chievo not Milan.
Avaiting for arrival of exorcist into our boardroom.
While Silva & Cutrone looked great against Crotone Craiova Shkendija and Vienna.They havent looked so tasty any other time they played AEK included.Im not saying theyre bad and shouldnt play , Im saying people (some not all) think Kalinic is the devil anf if Silva or Cutrone or both play it will be sooooo much better.
I dont think it will , judging by all the times theyve taken to the field in Serie A theyve been just as meh as Kalinic.Im not a Kalinic fan , I did say hes average and a waste of €25m , but the line of "he's playing Kalinic again what about Silva & Cutrone they were great again against Vienna" doesnt hold much for me because unless Milan have played woeful teams theyve been just as isolated and ineffective as King Kali Smile
Oh and 1-1 or 2-1 Toro , I think Ljaic Niang and Belotti will cause our defence big problems
How is a striker expected to do well in a competition when he plays in bits and pieces. Silva needs to get 4-5 games in a row, and we can judge him in Serie A after that. So far, this is what he's seen in Italy:
Crotone - 28mins
Cagliari - 0
Lazio - 0
Udinese - 0
SPAL - 90
Sampdoria - 0
Roma - 90
Inter - 90
Genoa - 0
Chievo - 10
Juventus - 14
Sassuolo - 0
Napoli - 45

The only time he got consistent minutes was back to back against Roma and Inter which are tough games in themselves and we know how they turned out for the entire group.

Montella is a real problem by NOT KNOWING what his best 11 players are. His constant tinkering and changing has done nothing for us in terms of chemistry. How is a striker expected to have confidence (one of the main attributes in order to be a good goalscorer) when you get thrown on the bench after scoring 2 goals? You play 10-15 minutes here or there, you play 90 and then 0, etc, etc.

And even the rest of the players. I see a team with no confidence. I see midfielders SCARED to make a mistake. Scared to turn with the ball when there is space behind them and scared to play a vertical ball between the lines. It is a team that plays with fear and not ONE player is willing to do something out of the ordinary....mind you, for a midfielder, playing a pass in tight areas behind the pressure like playing the ball behind the other team's midfield line, is NOT out of the ordinary. It should be a regular occurrence that we just don't see in Milan. Nobody wants to take a chance on the ball. I think a BIG part of this is the fact that Montella changes the line up in every game. As a player, you want to play and be a starter. When your coach puts you on the bench every other game for no good reason, you start losing your confidence and start playing "safe". You are unwilling to make mistakes and show off your true potential because you don't want to find yourself on the bench the next game (which with Montella will happen whether you play well or not regardless). Obviously, after that, the fact that we've struggled and lost so many games has taken a big hit on the players' confidence as well.

What Montella needs to do is pick the best 11 players. I won't even dispute the 11. He's the coach, he sees them in training every day, he needs to pick the 11. After that, STICK TO THE SAME 11 PLAYERS FOR 5-6 GAMES. No tinkering, no changing, no benching. Just let those players play and show what they can do. After those 5-6 games you make a couple of changes here or there if you see something is consistently not working. But please, for the love of god, stop putting out a different line up in EVERY STINKING GAME! His constant excuse until now has been that we "need time". We bought so many new players and time is needed to get them to play together. Well, how the hell will they ever bond on the field if the same 11 players are never on the field at the same time. Every game provides us with NEEDLESS changes. Changes for no reason. The first and foremost thing is the defensive line. Why is Musacchio in and out of the line up?? Is Zapata better? Ok, fine if he is. Then why the hell is Zapata in and out of the line up??? Makes no sense. We have never had the same consistent back line. Constant changes, and they've cost us many points already. Montella is a god damn moron!