EL Md6 Rijeka - Milan 7.12.2017 19:00
Meaningless game for the standings, a good match for Gattuso to rest and watch the squad he has too.

A. Donnarumma, Guarnone, Storari
Abate, Antonelli, Bonucci, Calabria, Musacchio, Paletta, Romagnoli, Zapata
Biglia, Gabbia, Locatelli, Montolivo, Zanellato
Cutrone, Forte, André Silva.

Suso, Jack, Rodriguez, Gigio, Kessie not called up
3-2 Milan
ps - Probable XI vs. Rijeka: Storari; Zapata, Paletta, Romagnoli; Calabria, Zanellato, Biglia, Locatelli, Antonelli; André Silva, Cutrone [Sky].
There is no Kalinic. We might actually score some goals.
Avaiting for arrival of exorcist into our boardroom.
This should have been Gattuso's first game. Absolutely meaningless, absolutely no pressure whatsoever.
Meaningless or not, this has to be won. Otherwise Gattuso will be under a lot of pressure already. Not only from the outside, but from within the squad. He has to show to the team that his methods are effective. Can't really do that if your first 2 games are against Benevento and Rijeka...and you don't win either of them.
That's true. In a way, it is probably the two worst games that can be given to a new coach. So much pressure.
I like that he's playing Paletta. He was one of our most solid defenders last season, and while I prefer Musacchio to pair with Romagnoli & Bonucci I definitely don't think Zapata deserves a spot ahead of Paletta.

I thought Benevento and Rijeka were blessings for Gattuso, but come to think of it they could be quite the opposite. I agree with nef and xu, in the sense that if he does lose this game it's a terrible way to start. IT's ok if your first games are against Napoli or Juventus, you lost to other top sides it's partially excusable.. but if we're starting off with losses and draws against the two of the absolute worst/lowest opponents in both Europe and Italy that's bad.
It was completely different when we first met them...

Anyway, forza Rino! Forza Milan!!!
The expected lineup is fair I think. Zanellato should be given chances as he's shown before he's likely to be the next youth player most likely to make the leap to the senior side. I'm also glad that Bonucci might be rested, the guy's been playing non-stop and while he's generally used to it from his time at Juve it's pointless to take needless risks in a meaningless tie in terms of results.

I found it interesting Gattuso mentioned there are problems psychologically with the squad (clear to see for everyone), but I believe in yesterday's pre-match conference he also mentioned the physical conditions of the players was poor. It's not a shock to hear that's the case, it's obvious we always seem to have physical challenges and that's been the case for years now. However, it does make you wonder why this keeps happening. Bertolacci mentioned Montella's training wasn't intense enough, Seedorf on joining said the squad was physically in poor shape and now Gattuso. On top of that, there's been quite a few rumours that new players haven't liked the lack of intensity in training sessions under Montella. I don't get why we keep going in circles on this, I really hope Gattuso can work to get this sorted.

Edit: I just read that statistically in Serie A Fiorentina cover the most distance during games. We on the other hand, are 19th. Says a lot when looking at the point above about physical shape of the players.