AC Milan vs Bologna
No one wants to open the thread? Lol. So much superstitious. Hope I'm bringing luck this time.

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(12-09-2017, 01:41 PM)sylrus Wrote: No one wants to open the thread? Lol. So much superstitious. Hope I'm bringing luck this time.

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Looks like a 4-3-3. Surely 3-0 for us.  Sagrin
1-0 Bologna
Not sure what to expect. 4th position is already out of reach. The squad is low on confidence. It's been 2 (easy) games under Rino and we are yet to win.....

Hopefully things take a turn for the better tomorrow.

Rumors about a 4-3-3 circulating around. I still maintain my opinion that the formation is not a problem. However, when one is as desperate as Milan, then I don't oppose a change because something is clearly not working. The funny thing is that we spent 200mil on a transfer campaign geared towards a formation with no wingers...and 4 months into the season we are praying that it's a winger formation that will change our fortunes.

What a mess of a season.....and the worst part....there are still 23 games of torture left to go....
I'll be following online and waiting to be surprised with a win.
I Heart ACM !!
Sell Donnamanure!!

Further indication that we will use a 4-3-3.

Gattuso is also complaining about the fitness levels of the team. Can't say I disagree with him. We look tired, sloppy, slow and out of breath quickly. We can't play at a high tempo because of it and if we try to, we slow down within minutes. Let's not even talk about intense pressing....
tbh, he doesn't necessarily say the wrong things. Even with comments about Andre Silva last match, he acknowledged his talent, but the performance wasn't good (I say that as someone who thinks Silva has the potential to be a star and should be a starter for us).

I agree about fitness, I mentioned it in the Rijeka thread.

On systems, I maintain the same stance I had earlier in the systems when the cry was to move from 4-3-3 to 3-5-2 (or something similar). The system in itself isn't the problem, a system only offers so much and while it's a fundamental part of the team game, changing a formation doesn't magically fix problems. We have much deeper issues that are significantly more difficult to fix than a shift in system. That's why so many coaches have come and gone.

However, I do respect that at least Gattuso seems to acknowledge a problem with the 3 man defence in that our wingbacks drop too deep making a 5 man backline. I think it was in EL we first tried the 3 man backline and it was immediately in that game that the wingbacks would drop too deep. Interesting point, both wingbacks back then (Calabria and Antonelli), were the ones to face Rijeka the other night.

I do think Gattuso is showing some positive ideas in what he's been saying. He seems to want to bring back the aggression and mental toughness that Mihajlovic was trying to bring into the club during his year. The difference seems to be Gattuso wants to play higher up the pitch and a more dominant style of play, rather than Miha who has his teams sit back deeper and work on counters/transitions in play.

This isn't me saying Gattuso's suddenly the saviour, just that he has made the right noises (so did a number of other coaches though).

edit: predicted lineup...

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Identifying the problem is easy since even us can point them out.
A good coach would fix it so lets see what Gatu will do.
About Silva it was really stupid to point him out.
He is a young striker playing his first season with a new team in a new country & league.
Our problem is more in finding identity & specially the build up & fluidity of the team.
Our strikers are the last to point fingers at imho.
Our midfield is a mess & our full backs sitting deep is more about the weakness in our backbone namely Biglia & Monto.
Our fluidity is fùcked because of them & other mids.
So why naming Silva when him & our other STs are getting poor support ?!!!!
Am against dropping the 3 men defense because it will mean dropping Roma or any of our other CDs & they were among our better players.
Hackan was a disappointment & i think he is mentally weak to become the creative force we hopped for.
What i hate about our mids is that their first reaction is to dribble or shoot rather than circulate or support our STs.
Its been years now where our STs are isolated with little support.
During the last couple of games i liked that Bonucci & Kessie showed some improvement.
Also Loca showed some signs that he can be useful upfront so maybe we can try him as a cm rather than his usual anchor position.
Am really desperate to see a Milan without Monto.
Him playing is a sign of our poor planing.

I really want Gatu to prove me wrong & find a way to make this team work.
Maybe it will be easier when Conti is back.
Biglia better start playing like he suppose to.
His position is so crucial for us.
Wish us a good game tonight.

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Honestly I am expecting nothing. At best, I see a 2-0/2-1 win.
My head says 1-1 my heart says 1-2 Bologna .We take the lead we press hard they equalize we collapse and the score after the 85th minute