Serie A
Yep...I saw that yesterday and was in shock. That's not a foul. Simple as that. Nothing "dangerous" about it. Then to give a straight red???? It's scandalous. This referee should be suspended for the entire season. Send him to Serie C as punishment. There are honest human mistakes, and then there is this....which is blatant disregard of fair refereeing. VAR even asked him to go take a look...he did...and he STILL stood by his decision not wanting to admit he was wrong. If that's not grounds for suspension, then I don't know what is!
And if he still truly thinks he made the right call....when then just get rid of him...since he clearly is not competent enough to do the job.

The sad part is this is a referee that's given some big games. How shady is that?!?!
Juventus dropping points is always good.
(10-28-2021, 05:05 AM)hwmook Wrote: Juventus dropping points is always good.

Yes and Roma almost shit their pants against Cagliari. I think of Theo and Ibra start we can beat Roma.
(10-25-2021, 09:32 AM)Bennacer Wrote: Napoli matches to christmas:

- Bologna (H)
- Salernitana (A)
- Verona(H)
- Inter(A)
- Lazio (H)
- Sassuolo(A)
- Atalanta(H)

- Empoli(H)
- Milan(A)
- Spezia(H).


- Torino(H)
- Roma(A)
- Inter(H)
- Fiorentina(A)
- Sassuolo(H)
- Genoa(A)
- Salernitana(H)
- Udinese(A)
- Napoli(H)
- Empoli(A)

In the next few rounds Napoli has the easiest fixtures on paper. We still have a lot of injuries and to be honest, i think we would be a few points behind Napoli before the fixtures turns and we will have the easiest games. Our last 6 games before christmas is nice on paper besides against Napoli. That match will be a key in the Scudetto race. Hopefully we are injury free at that point and will kill of the Partenopei!

That's a very testing run for Napoli.

We have just seen Verona are difficult and Sassuolo just beat Jube.  We at least have them at home.

For us Roma, Merda, Fior and Porto in there stretches us. It will be interesting to say the least.
Lautaro signed a new 5 years contract, reports say 6 million. I call that a bargain.
So proud about what i read online today on SempreMilan site.. our team has alot of players who really want to make this our year. Hopefully, their actions will be rewarded.
Never expected this from Spaletti tbh
Should we buy Simeone? Insane form! Tongue
Juve have fielded the most creative mid with: Arthur & Bentacur at the center and Rabiot & Cuadrado on both flanks.

Seem failed.

They are struggling with creativity this season, hope that continue.