Summer transfer window 2018
(02-06-2018, 02:57 PM)nefremo Wrote: I saw him the other day against Bremen. Yes, he played as a regista and was very good. We should definitely go for him. For free, it's a no brainer. Might be one of the best free transfers of the summer along with Bernard of Shakhtar.

I mentioned this already, but another thay really caught my eye in that Shalke - Bremen game was Harit.

This! I would get on it early so that we get him before anyone else does. He would be an amazing pick up and still only young.
Good to hear. I've not really watched Shalke this year, so based on what I'd previously seen of him, if there was any role I'd maybe see him fulfilling in our midfield it was Bonaventura's. Interesting talent nonetheless and would be interested in seeing if we can get him.

Other rumours are coming abound too. Unsurprisingly, Belotti's name is being heavily linked to us again, with papers suggesting we might even be able to get him for around 30-35m. Many of us predicted this might happen, and his season thus far hasn't been great (partly because Torino have struggled and injuries). This, combined with him not being able to showcase himself at the World Cup means his value has dropped significantly.

Finally, Tuttosport suggests we're chasing Hector Herrera of Porto and Mexico. Another midfielder who's done really well in Porto and while he's 27, could add dynamism to our midfield that we lack. He could also help Silva, as it would help to have a familiar face for the striker.
Barcelona could send Arthur on loan to AC Milan if he completes switch
Brazilian midfielder heavily linked with move to Nou Camp this year
Milan need to fill a void in their squad, could be short-term solution...

Daily Mail so yeah
I hope not, unless there i an option to buy. We shouldn't develop players for Barcelona ffs. If they can't offer him game time, then we should just buy him. If he is dead set on Barcelona, the he can go screw himself. 

Having said all that, I've never actually seen this guy play but have heard and read many good things.
So the latest link for the summer market is Depay from Lyon according to Gazzetta. He's been pretty good there, putting up some good numbers (9 goals and something like 5 assists in around 20 odd appearances). His biggest challenge this year is consistency, he's great one game and can be quiet the next. That said, his talent has been known for years (as he showed against PSG recently) and I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt given he's coming off the back of wasted years at United and is still only 23.

It's said that if he was to come, the idea could be that gives Calhanoglu a more central role. I would assume that would mean shifting to 4-2-3-1, which might make sense as Calhanoglu even now has a natural tendency to move central in 4-3-3.
I'm not so sure about Depay to be honest. There was a time that I wanted him him here, but he's proven to be very inconsistent and quite frankly, not good enough. I thought that after the World Cup in Brazil people would realize that he is best as a 2nd CF. Instead all coaches just put him out to the left and expect the same performances. They don't get him because he is not very good 1v1 and is very predictable when he is on the wing. Put him in the center and he becomes a different player.

Either way, i think what you mentioned in your 2nd paragraph has to happen, whether with Depay or with another purchase (i hope it's the 2nd). Calhanoglu is not a winger. He's an AM playing as a winger, who like you said, finds himself drifting in to his natural position. We badly need a real wide player on the left side.
Just to clarify, I'm not a huge Depay fan and never have been, just I'm not necessarily against the move. If there's a Dutch winger to keep an eye on, it'd be Justin Kluivert imo.

I really hope we're keeping close tabs on Nicolo Barella. The more I see him the more I'm convinced he can be great. Good on and off the ball, he uses his body very well, tactically looks decent and is versatile enough to play mezzala or centrally. He's one who looks to have a very bright future.
Kluivert seems to be a gem. Great 1v1 ability and directness along with pace/acceleration/explosiveness. Not afraid to go at people which is a great quality in wingers....unlike someone like for example SES who's first inclination was to stop and go backwards because he doesn't believe that he can win the 1v1battle. 

The only, and biggest problem, with Kluivert is that Raiola is his agent.... Angry
It was the first time I heard of this kid. I had to search to see if he is related to Patrick Kluivert. As soon as I saw the photo, there is no question. Wow. He looks just like his dad!

Damn, where has time gone? I still vividly remember when Patrick Kluivert broke out of Ajax youth rank and terrorized defenders as a teenager. I can never forget out heartbreaking loss in CL 95 final. We did such an excellent job frustrating the hell out of the young team of Ajax throughout the game, then Patrick ruined it for us with few minutes left. I remember his excitement when joining us a year later, but he never lived up to his potential. He moved away and became the world beater again. Big Grin: Facepalm
Justin is very special. That kid is going to be great. But I agree... it's a huge probem that he has a pig for an agent