Summer transfer window 2018
(02-11-2018, 05:03 PM)xudong Wrote: I can never forget out heartbreaking loss in CL 95 final. 

To this day I can picture that goal he scored against us at the very end of the game. I was young, 11 years old, but that day will forever live within me. Then we bought a lot of those Ajax players and nothing worked out.....going into that dark period for a few years. 

Damn, you are right.....where has the time gone?!?!?!
My heart broke first time in 93 final, when I was too young and just began to love Milan.

95 was another. Then 2005.

But we now do not have such chances, our hearts vibrate at very low spectrum.

Back to the topic, it is still early. I hope we can get a CL ticket so our transfers will follow a good direction.
The 93 final left me more confused rather than upset. We were far and away the best team that season, I couldn't understand how we lost (obviously we now know they cheated).

The 95 final was the most upsetting match I think I ever watched. I was the same age as nefremo, but losing in the last few minutes with Rijkaard of all people setting up the goal was just a bit too much. It had a bigger impact than other losses (e.g. 2005) and it was a match I kind of grew obsessed with for a while, trying to work out where we went wrong and how we could have won it. Truth is, I think the damning conclusion was that at that point that generation was coming towards the end of its cycle and wasn't going to remain the best forever.
(02-11-2018, 04:10 PM)nefremo Wrote: Kluivert seems to be a gem. Great 1v1 ability and directness along with pace/acceleration/explosiveness. Not afraid to go at people which is a great quality in wingers....unlike someone like for example SES who's first inclination was to stop and go backwards because he doesn't believe that he can win the 1v1battle. 

The only, and biggest problem, with Kluivert is that Raiola is his agent.... Angry

WHAT? He's been a dream signing for me Wallbang

I'd STILL take him....heck Raiola's still got players more wouldn't eviscerate the club Confused
Milan is a rose
Love even the thorns
Oh I'd take him for sure. Problem is that I doubt Raiola would let it happen....
(02-15-2018, 04:43 AM)nefremo Wrote: Oh I'd take him for sure. Problem is that I doubt Raiola would let it happen....

Pigsnake is spewing he still has to deal with us... you wait till end of season... we'll have more Gigio drama's again...
Let's make a deal with Raiola that he can get his wish to sell Donnarumma to PSG for 100+mln but he needs to bring Kluivert here Big Grin
Milan are reportedly interested in Borussia Dortmund’s Marco Reus, who is out of contract in 2019.
That guy has way too many injury problems. We can find better options.
Can't say I'm keen on Reus either