Daniele Bonera
True, but back in 04-05, when he was still young, people thought with exp and better players around him, he could be a good or even great defender. While he is no longer young and in experience, on top of that, he plays with arguably the best CB in the world under a very defensive system(having a shield in front of CBs aka MVB), yet he is still crap.
So, Bonera has been back for two games and I think he's doing a good job. When we had the luxury of having Silva/Nesta at the back along with other even better defenders previously, we all thought Bonera was our worst defender and that he's utter shit.. I went from being scared as hell that we'd definitely concede goals when Bonera used to play, but now I actually feel more confident with him at the back than I do with Mexes/Zapata. Albeit it has only been two games so I don't want to give the guy too much credit Big Grin
It is funny (actually, sad) how Bonera turned from our worst defender to our best defender, while he really hasn't improved. Bonera is still Bonera. Icon_lol2
aka xudong
Bonera's not a very good defender, even yesterday he had a few questionable moments, but at least he is fairly tactically disciplined, which showed yesterday when he constantly covered Urby and sometimes Zapata (who as a result looked less of a mess). I think he can play a big role this season, as I can see him becoming our leader in the back.
^ Good points Dev, I think a major part of the reason for me praising Bonera for the first time in my life is for his experience and tactical discipline, something all of our defenders either don't have or lack. I just feel comfortable with him on the pitch, basically the idea that he actually seems to somewhat lead the back line, even if his skills are lacking (speed,strength etc.) he does well for us by covering for our other defenders (as you mentioned), and knows what needs to be done in situations, again he's limited but I really agree that he could actually at least play a big role for this season.
you guys are forgetting its boneheadra we're talking about. the guy who was to blame for a conceded goal almost every game he plays in during previous seasons.

i couldnt stop lauging at "feel comfortable with bonera on the pitch" Icon_lol2

just because he didnt make a mistake this game doesnt mean he wont do it in the next 5 Sad
He did mistakes in this game lol, he just managed to recover on most. I've never forgotten about the horror show he's been for us, but given the state our defence has been in this year, he's become a necessary to add some competency (in comparison with what we've seen so far).
Quote:Bonera on Balotelli, Seedorf and Brazil
By Football Italia staff
Saturday January 4 2014

Daniele Bonera is “ready” for a World Cup call, expects Mario Balotelli to prove himself and can see Clarence Seedorf as Milan Coach.

The veteran defender missed most of the season with a knee injury, but has returned and helped shore up the leaky Rossoneri back four.

“What does 2014 mean to me? The desire to climb back up with Milan and the rest would follow as a consequence,” he told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Just three months ago I had a fractured kneecap and if you’d asked me if I was thinking about the World Cup then, I’d have burst out laughing. Now I might smile instead. Cesare Prandelli was my Coach at Brescia, so he knows me and where to find me. If he wants me to go to Brazil, then I am ready.”

Bonera’s Milan teammate Balotelli is expected to be Italy’s star player in that tournament, though his inconsistency is still proving to be a problem.

“Can 2014 be Balotelli’s year? It all depends on Mario. I think the moment has come for him to put this desire to prove himself the best into practice.

“Injuries are a big reason for our last few horrible months, but cannot be an alibi, nor can the situation within the club hierarchy. Unfortunately the moment of change in the club coincided with a lack of results, but there is no correlation.

“We all know that we are worth more than this. We’ve got half a season left to prove it.”

Coach Massimiliano Allegri has already confirmed he will leave Milan at the end of the season and Seedorf is the hot favourite to take over, even though his playing career is continuing at Botafogo.

“Clarence was my teammate and his locker was next to mine for many years,” smiled Bonera.

“I can judge him as a player, but as a Coach he is a mystery. There are examples of successful quick moves from the pitch to the bench, such as Roberto Mancini.

“Allegri brought a sense of balance, as he never changed his attitude during success or defeat. I understand the poor results of the last few months are fresh in the mind, but we cannot forget the last three years. Allegri did a good job.

“Will I become a Coach? I don’t know, that seems a decision I won’t make for a while. I have a contract until 2015 and to be honest I’d like to keep playing a bit more.”

One thing for sure, this guy loves Milan. Heart
aka xudong
(01-05-2014, 08:00 AM)xudong Wrote: One thing for sure, this guy loves Milan. Heart

Well, who doesn't? Devilcool
(01-05-2014, 02:19 PM)ZvonimirBoban Wrote:
(01-05-2014, 08:00 AM)xudong Wrote: One thing for sure, this guy loves Milan. Heart

Well, who doesn't? Devilcool

Many do, but I don't think Kaka or Shevchenko loves Milan as much Bonera does.
aka xudong