Football shirts Imitation vs the original???
Special Note:
This article was originally written from a Spanish forum. 
Personally, I feel that this information is use for football fans. So I had sort it out by google translate and share it in here, I hoping to help everyone.

IMPORTANT: If you are going to buy t-shirts on facebook or on pages with suspiciously low prices, I invite you to verify the following information:
This is how the shirt purchased on the Internet comes:

[Image: comprar_camisetas_de_futbol_baratas_%25283%2529.JPG]

As you can see, it comes with a sticker that describes the contents of the bag and the value, JUSTO for which those shipments are stolen in bulk. What is the reception control of the 4-72 company that I delivered it to? Simply sign and provide, data that they DO NOT KNOW, for which reason they are stolen with more reason (It has already happened to me)

Letter of description of sent products:
[Image: comprar_camisetas_de_futbol_baratas_%25281%2529.jpg]

This letter is addressed to MI, with my name and my shipping information in an impression of optimum quality and in which you can read absolutely all the content of the document. The imitations come with a similar letter, even in color but printed with a machine that had the last sheet of ink and completely illegible.

It comes with this bag (NOT ZIPLOC):
[Image: comprar_camisetas_de_futbol_baratas_%25284%2529.JPG]

Photo of the imitation (Comes in ziploc bag)
[Image: comprar_camisetas_de_futbol_baratas_%25285%2529.jpg]

Let's start with the direct comparisons:
[Image: comprar_camisetas_de_futbol_baratas_%25286%2529.JPG]

The patch of world champions differs slightly in color, although the texture of the original is very velvety while the imitation is coarser. Visual and tactilely very similar but the quality of the original is obviously superior.

[Image: comprar_camisetas_de_futbol_baratas_%25287%2529.jpg]

[Image: comprar_camisetas_de_futbol_baratas_%25289%2529.JPG]
Both visually and in their content are identical, but the left that is the imitation is printed on a rough cardboard while the one on the right is silky to the touch. The imitation (In this specific case, I do not know if that's the case) comes with a perfect stitching hook to catch and damage the shirt.

LFP patch
[Image: comprar_camisetas_de_futbol_baratas_%252810%2529.JPG]

[Image: comprar_camisetas_de_futbol_baratas_%252811%2529.JPG]

The ORIGINAL prints are 100% yellow, while the imitation ones have a very small edge in white, the same happens with the back print of unicef.

Leave the best for the end: Which photo is the original shield, Photo 1 or Photo 2?

[Image: comprar_camisetas_de_futbol_baratas_%252813%2529.JPG]

Already with objective evidence like the ones shown here if someone still wants to insist that mercadolibre / facebook with N thousand qualifications is original, for me there is no problem.
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