Alen Halilovic
Gattuso said he sees him as a possible midfielder in his interview yesterday. It seems this guy could be used as an alternative to Bonaventura.
I definitely think he'll be more productive centrally and with more (areal) access to in the attacking 3rd as compared to being out on the right wing.

Gattuso said that we'll start again from what we built last year, which if talking about a formation means wingers and something similar to 4-3-3.
I really hope we give 4-2-3-1 a chance with the players we currently have. Hakan has to be in the middle with complete freedom to go to both sides and double up with either of the wingers. That also gives us options with Halilovic and Bonaventura in that position. It means we'll obviously need a left winger, but that's basically all we'd need (and a CF, but that's not what i'm talking about). We would have the new winger for the left + Jack and Hakan as back ups/rotation. Hakan, Halilovic, Jack for the middle. Suso, Halilovic for the right.

It's hard to talk about transfers at the moment, but we have to look forward somehow and keep building from last season.
Yeah, Gattuso said we'll start with a back 4 (most likely 4-3-3) but he's often said he wants tactical flexibility and yesterday mentioned the idea of being able to shift to a back 3 during matches.

Edit: Halilovic's press conference...

Why is he alone!? I get things are in a state right now but they couldn't get anyone to actually present him!?
It's hard to go to work and be productive when you know you're getting canned in a few days/a week. That's the only explanation I can get as to why there is nobody there. Big Grin
I actually felt really sorry for him when I watched the presentation. He looked nervous with a hint of sadness.
They could've done better
18 month loan to Standard Liege with only an option to buy.
We still suck at selling players.