FC Viktoria Plzeň vs AC Milan (20:45, December 6, 2011)
was it just me but I thought De Sciglio was more impressive offensively than defensively. Overall, I think he is decent, and is someone that we could invest interest.
aka xudong
I don't remember him doing much in offense but I remember he was usually in the right place at the right time on the defensive end of things. He had a couple poorly placed clearances but besides that he was just decent.
Siamo a posto cosi.
I have promised hitman to post my thought's on Pato performance in this game after fully watching it, so here I am.

To be fair, I am very underwhelmed after watching it today. It's hard to take this match seriously since we played with a reserve squad, and even with that, we were very casual, we played without aggression, bite, or any attempt to put pressure on the opponent.
But that's ok, because Viktoria didn't seem particularly motivated either (except for the final 10-15 minutes of the match).

All in all I would say that Milan played at 50% effort, while Viktoria played at 60-70% effort.
The positive thing is - we were still able to create chance after chance, even without particular effort and by committing 3 players to each attack max.

Now I totally need to mentions this...
Taiwo was absolutely horrible. Period. His positiniong was very questionable. But worst part is - he didn't try to pressure the attacking players and was extremely static. (I thought this guy was fast?) This is not a performance I would want to see from a player that wants to win a regular first team spot.
During the offside goal by Viktoria he just stood there watching the opposing player run past him. All of the threats from Viktoria came through his flank. ... anyway, lets sell him to the highest bidder and then look for a replacement while we pray that Nini doesn't do an epic screw up.

As for Pato and Robinho - I think both were very good for what the game is worth. Like I said before, we attacked with 3 players max and with 50% effort and still were able to create chance after chance. A goal, a post, an assist, and nice comination play with Robinho is the testament to this performance.
Again, it's hard to seriously judge their performance because the game was very casual, but their performance still stood out.

p.s. Pato's backheel pass to Binho was absolutely magical. :-o Only from Dinho have i seen this level of technique. Sublime. Big Grin
"Defending is part of football... Keep possession 95% if u want... but the score is 2-2... thats it!! Well done milan.. Make serie a proud once again.. Big Grin"
I like de sciglio's composure,but being a teenager,his physicality and game experience have a long way to go!

That 16 years old kid impressed me,his physicality is almost like an adult.
May god with chinese footbball
When a young player plays, I am always lenient on them. Not everyone is Maldini. I think the only youngster that recently played and disappointed me was Ganz. He looked frightened. Sad
aka xudong
(12-07-2011, 07:21 PM)xudong Wrote: was it just me but I thought De Sciglio was more impressive offensively than defensively. Overall, I think he is decent, and is someone that we could invest interest.

I think he was fairly balanced, and his performance wasn't that bad. I think looking at it in more detail there are quite a few mistakes, but also at his age it's good to see him play with confidence and competency at this level.