Ciao Ciao
So since I am at work, reloading every sportspage to see about the transfers and still being bored since nothing seems to happen anymore. I decided to give it a shot to introduce myself. 

Firstly, needless to say but for me there is only AC Milan as a football club. IMO You can have 2 clubs which you favour. It is your local club and it is your club which you identify the most with. 

I live in beautiful Lucerne, which is located in the heart of Switzerland. Yes, Lucerne was the opponent against Sassuolo in Europa League qualifiers. 

I am 23 years old and am working as a sales member of a software and it reseller company. 

Besides faning and cheering for AC Milan Okmilan and working, there is not much else I do. Mostly going out I guess  Sagrin

If you would like to know something else, reply or direct message me. 

Best regards, forza Milan and enjoy your day. 

Okmilan Okmilan Okmilan
Nice learn a little about you Raffael. Smile Switzerland is on my list of places to visit, seems a great place to have a holiday.

Maybe on my next trip. I returned from a trip to Portugal today, frankly I can understand why Andre Silva missed the beaches, a beautiful place.
Thanks for the intro Raffael. Software type job? Cool
Welcome to MM, Raffael!