Napoli - Milan: Player Ratings
Donnarumma - 5
Calabria - 6.5
Musacchio - 6
Romagnoli - 7
Rodriguez - 6
Biglia - 4
Kessie - 6
Bonaventura - 6.5
Suso - 6
Borini - 6
Higuain - 6
Laxalt - 5
Bakayoko - 5
Cutrone - N/A
(08-27-2018, 07:55 AM)edysim Wrote: Passing from the back (starting from GK) was already since last season mainly because of Bonucci. Now I dont think our CBs are ball-playing type, so I hope Gattuso is aware and make changes.

I don't think passing from the back is a bad tactic but it should not be used too often in a game like yesterday game. We faced Napoli at their home. We know Napoli are still better than us (on paper) although they lost Jorginho. It could also be seen that they put high pressure on us at the back (4-5 Napoli players upfront). We should use that kind of tactic smartly, not (almost) every single ball Donarumma had especially when we could clearly see that we almost lost the ball in some occasions when we tried to do short passes at the back.

Bonucci is gone and we don't have CB like him who was good at playing ball but if we have a reliable regista, we would not suffer like last night match. Biglia was very good at looking other players (the two goals) but pretty bad at starting the game. The defenders found it difficult to give pass to Biglia, he should be mobile looking free space to receive the passes. To make it worse, Bonaventura was also clueless when he got the ball, he did need Hakan there. Again we lack of creative midfielder and we can only rely on Biglia who was not ball-playing regista.

I am still optimistic about our future IF Gattuso did learn from this game.
"When Costacurta and Maldini won they didn't celebrate much. They were thinking about winning the next game" - Alessandro Nesta
Donnarumma - 6
Calabria - 6.5
Musacchio - 6.5
Romagnoli - 7
Rodriguez - 6
Biglia - 5.5
Kessie - 6
Bonaventura - 7
Suso - 6.5
Borini - 6.5
Higuain - 6.5
Laxalt - 6.5
Bakayoko - 6
Cutrone - N/A
Donnarumma - 3
Calabria - 4
Musacchio - 4
Romagnoli - 5.5
Rodriguez - 4
Biglia - 1
Kessie - 5
Bonaventura - 6
Suso - 4.5
Borini - 4.5
Higuain -5.5
Laxalt - 5
Bakayoko - 4
Cutrone - N/A
Okay guys.....I'm going to close the voting for the Napoli-Milan game. Thank you to all for voting.

Interesting results, and somewhat expected. I think our voting truly reflects the level of performances from the players.

Highest average score = Romagnoli (6.94)
Lowest average score = Biglia (4.11)

Other notable high(er) scores (average above 6):
Bonaventura = 6.56
Higuain = 6.22

I will post the Roma game voting at some point after the game tomorrow.