Winter Mercato 2018-2019
was hoping for last minute's surprise signing but didnt happen.. not that mad especially when our two signings Pacqueta and Piatek blended in well with the team and gave immedite impact!

Midfield should be ok when Biglia makes his return, while hopefully Samu could improve or we could even throw Laxalt there for the sake of filling the left gap til end of season. lets hope for a fully FIT squad though..
(01-31-2019, 10:30 PM)nefremo Wrote: He started buying players brought to him by agents. Obviously never having observed them. We got rid of our entire scouting network. The guy got lazy, careless and straight up dirty. Maybe he was always dirty, but at least he wasn't careless. Hell, even Barbara called him out on his dealings, especially with Genoa. She just underestimated how powerful Gallaiani is and it backfired on her. She figured out real quick that her dad wouod never ever turn on Galliani. No matter what. There was probably so much shit in Milan's accounts, and you better bet you ass Berlu knew ALL about it and it was all done with his blessing to begin with.

Yeah I know. I just wanted to underline that things went wrong when he got too much power. Maybe he even has something on Berlusconi to this day. But now it feels like I'm the devil's advocate  Devilol
If he has money available, i'm sure galliani is the best at his job. Even with tight budget this old man can still do miracle
Taking ibra from ballerina, balotelli from city, even using genoa as a transit for boateng transfer

But then again, his last years mostly taking agents to nice dinner and nothing achieved. I don't understand what went wrong in 2008 ish, i'm sure the wages burden isn't as big as galacticos squad or any other big teams that time. But we're the most spending in wages.

Kaka got sold just to "balance the book"
Ibra and Silva got sold just to "balance the book"

And Galliani took some free players who apparently asked for a big wage, bakaye traore, taye taiwo, etc. who rarely played.
What's the logic behind those signings.
(02-01-2019, 12:57 AM)drucurl Wrote: Crispy is right guys
As much as it pains me to admit  Dodgy

I know you love me more than life itself , we all do  Devilcool
I'm going to sound like Galliani here, but since we didn't sign another player at deadline we should work on signing Bakayoko ASAP as our newest signing.
He's a must buy IMO. I think he's going to be an almost identical player to Vieira.
Baka is a must. For the left wing I would go for Chiesa.
Chiesa is a forward if im not mistaken.. quite sure he's not a winger
Chiesa's natural position is right wing, I thought
(02-02-2019, 03:09 AM)reza Wrote: Chiesa's natural position is right wing, I thought

Hm, i thought he is LW. However, his potential is obvious.