Summer Mercato 2019
(06-14-2019, 11:48 AM)edysim Wrote: Get Maldini to play  Sagrin

The ever green  Devilol

Since Biglia is going to leave, we should sign Ismael Bennacer.
(06-14-2019, 09:34 AM)edysim Wrote: Sell Suso & Kessie, replace with Muriel & Toreirra. This is already an upgrade!

Report says Arsenal asks for 35M.

That's in £ so its €40m I'd be surprised if we spend that on one player , but if the reports of €80m are true and selling Suso for €40m and Donna for €60-€70m then ofcourse it's possible.We could really make sweeping changes with €120m I think whatever Donna is sold for would be used for books.

Torreira €40m
Krunic €8m
Sensi €15m + what they owe us for Locatelli.
Praet €15
Maybe Giampaolo can get more out of Silva.
This Anderson fella €15-€20m dont know much about him.
Who else is available that'll immiediately up our level ?
#Whatsapp New attempt by #Juventus for #Romagnoli, who found total disinterest from #Milan and the management. Raiola could be thinking of a domino effect, to propose #Manolas to #Milan after he did the same with #Napoli and #Juventus.
Manolas would not be bad in a tandem with Romagnoli. When paired with a experienced partner Romagnoli is better.
This mercato is gonna be fun
Football agent Edoardo Crnjar is in Casa Milan to take stock of the transfer market with the management [@DiMarzio]
New contacts took place this morning between Milan and Lovren’s representatives [@MilanNewsit]
so,it seems we are to get one of Lovren and Manolas. I'd go for the Sirtaki
Manolas. Definitely.
He's fast, he's strong, and most of all, he has that bravery to body contact players without fear. (And not stupid body contact like Pepe)
Imagine Romagnoli + Manolas.
Milan continue to pursue both Praet and Andersen, who were core members of Giampaolo's Sampdoria side. However, they face strong competition from Arsenal for both players. [@Gazzetta_it]