Summer Mercato 2019
(06-20-2019, 05:02 PM)nefremo Wrote: So a lot of rumors that Maldini, Boban and Scaroni are all in Madrid for a meeting with Madrid. 

Now, I don't buy the Isco rumors. That's just unrralistic. But I also don't buy the rumors that say "Milan interested in Ceballos but Real's demands of 50mil are too high". It just makes no sense for the 3 top people of the club to travel to Madrid only to find out that Ceballos's price is 50mil and that's too expensive. That's something that could be done on the phone 

So point is, if Paolo, Boban & Scaroni are in Madrid to meet with Real, then there is a real possibility of closing a deal for someone. Could be Ceballos, or could be someone else.

Good point.  Sometimes those so-called "journalists" don't even use common sense.  Sagrin
#Whatsapp we have received further information regarding #Lucci’s visit today. The renewal for #Calabria, until 2024, was discussed as it’s one of the main aims of his agent. #Murru was proposed, the same thing was done with #Fiorentina.
I read that the agent of Calabria asked for a pay raise from 1.1M to 2M.
One thing though, if all of management flew to Madrid *for mercato reasons* and come back empty handed cause 'FFP or expensive' they would have made a huge mistake. Many fans, I would say almost every fan, on forums, twitter, etc is now expecting Ceballos type or even better signing.
Real wants 50m for Ceballos
Milan have submitted an improved salary offer for Kabak that could deem to be decisive for his transfer to the Rossoneri. Tomorrow evening we will know about his decision [Di Marzio]
Loan deal is possible for Ceballos
Milan will decide tomorrow whether they aim to agree a deal for Veretout or not. Roma are ready to sign him for 25M [@AlfredoPedulla]
(06-20-2019, 09:41 AM)mazen111 Wrote: Sevilla and Valencia interested in Samu Castillejo

Sell before they change their minds.

(06-20-2019, 12:17 PM)Siregar Wrote: Our standard is getting lower.  Sagrin
Seems like a joke but that's the reality and we need to realize what we are now. With our last decade results, list of players you mentioned looks more promising compared to previous seasons' midfielders. What I definitely hope is that our new coach could bring out the best of our players, something I read the positive thing from the former Samp coach.

That line is going to be key to our success. Some of our players have the talent to do more but no one's been able to get that out of them.

(06-20-2019, 04:17 PM)nefremo Wrote: Selling RR for 20mil and Laxalt for about 12mil and replacing them with Murru for 10mil and Strinic (who's already here) is good business. The quality doesn't go down either.
I wouldn't say we've improved, but we wouldn't weaken either. At least we would get some cash to spend elsewhere. 

Not a fqn of Shick. Talented, but has struggled to be a factor in front of goal. The fact that he is still valued at 30+mil is insane.

Yes on Ceballos.

Yep, always been a Murru fan. Although I question whether Strinic could do the job after 12 months of no football and limited training.
I wouldn't be opposed to selling all three and getting Rui and Murru but obviously there's the extra cost.

(06-20-2019, 05:41 PM)nefremo Wrote: Selling Donnarumma and Suso would definitely help. Not only in giving us funds but also salary.

Isco will cost at least 65-70mil. An expensive loan, let's say 15-20mil with an option/obligation of a further 40 (similar to how James went to Bayern) is perhaps not impossible. Where things get unrealistic imo is the competition. If Isco is available, you will have PL sides, PSG, Bayern and probably Juve all on his case.

Need them gone ASAP.

Pretty much, plus he'd be on high wages. i'd say it's almost impossible he comes to us. there will always be someone else around to pay more.

(06-20-2019, 05:50 PM)nefremo Wrote: Man, did you fall asleep in 2010, and are just now waking up?  Devilol

Players like Veretout are worth 25mil these days. You can value Isco whatever you want, but if you want to buy him you will have to pay at least 65-70mil (and probably more). Patrick fucking Shick is valued at 35mil ffs!!!

That would explain a lot.

(06-20-2019, 05:56 PM)mazen111 Wrote: ozil was signed by arsenal for 42.5 million euros in 2013 ... it makes sense to rate isco at 40 million euros, but with reluctancy his price could reach 50 mil

You do realise we're in 2019... 

(06-20-2019, 06:06 PM)nefremo Wrote: Man wtf are you talking about??? 

YOU valuing a player is one thing! What the market demands for that player is another (and the reality). 

You can go to Madrid and say, "I value Isco at 40mil". They'll say, "OK, BUT, you are not buying him for that". You can go to Fiorentina and say "I value Veretout at 12mil". Again, they'll say, "OK, BUT, you are not going to have him for that". 

I am not disagreeing completely. The market is overinflated and insane. BUT IT'S THE REALITY!!! Otherwise, you won't buy anyone.

It's like going to the store and wanting a piece of stake at $2 a kg. Good for you if it's worth that much to you. But this is 2019 and the price is now $20 a kg. Either pay, or go home hungry! What part of this are you not understanding?

I would suggest that Perez would answer with "There's the door. Safe travels"

Publilius Syrus: "Something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it".

And with all the cashed up EPL clubs throwing stupid money for everyone, prices rise.
(06-20-2019, 10:49 PM)AC_Troy Wrote: Loan deal is possible for Ceballos

Loan with an option would be good but 50m is still too much. I would do it for 35.

Plus, I would add that I doubt that 50m figure is true. We wouldn't have management there personally at that valuation. If Ceballos was what they were even there for.

(06-20-2019, 11:27 PM)AC_Troy Wrote: Milan will decide tomorrow whether they aim to agree a deal for Veretout or not. Roma are ready to sign him for 25M [@AlfredoPedulla]

I've got a better idea... Let Roma sign him for 25m and we sign Pellegrini for 30m...