Summer Mercato 2019
(02-05-2019, 06:21 PM)reza Wrote: Hector Herrera free transfer from Porto could happen.

Yes please
It will be a good signing. I don't think there is anything extraordinary about him, but we will need a good squad and that also means rotation players. He has the ability to be a starter too, but I'm hoping for someone better and more upside for the starting role. He's the type of player that Gattuso loves though so I think he'll be used a lot regardless.

With Montolivo, Bertolacci, and also possibly Mauri leaving, we will definitely need to make signings like Herrera. I hope it happens.
Sint Maximin and Ac Milan reach agreement for next season
Milan have reportedly agreed a deal to sign Nice winger Allan Saint-Maximin for €20m plus bonuses.
According to Sport Mediaset, Nice ‘appreciated’ Milan’s respectful pursuit of Saint-Maximin in the final week of the January transfer window and have accepted a bid.
Saint-Maximin would have also agreed a five-year contract with the Rossoneri, but the broadcaster stresses the deal is likely to depend on Champions League qualification.
Wait, so we were nice to Nice? That's how we get players? Big Grin
Now get Tonali.
Herrera would be a great rotation player and can put pressure on our starters.
I'd love to see Tonali at Milan.
Saint-maximin looks good. A proper winger and 20m is a decent price. If we sell Hakan for 20(not sure who would pay that) then we've lost nothing but ended up with an actual winger.
Good to see we're continuing business meaning we're likely to save money. Doing deals early means it's less likely we get stuck in a bidding war with someone else
We are linked with Brahimi from Porto also.
I want to ask the guys who are good at assessing speed a question...
How fast would you say Piatek is? Is he faster than $hevchenko?
Not BETTER...just faster. He surely isn't a speedster like prime Serginho or Kaká....but he seems quicker than I thought.
Milan is a rose
Love even the thorns