Summer Mercato 2019
Officially: Milan deposited the contract of young player Luan Capanni in the Italian league

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Milan sign Brazilian teen
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Brazilian teenager Luan Capanni says he has realised a ‘dream’ after joining Milan from Lazio.

Capanni’s move was confirmed on Lega Serie A’s website after Milan deposited his contract, and the 19-year-old hopes to do his predecessors at San Siro proud.

“I’m very happy with this move,” he told Sport Mediaset’s Andersinho Marques.

“It’s always been a dream of mine to play for a club like Milan, one of the biggest in the world.

“I thank them so much for their belief in me. I’ll work hard to repay them.

“I grew up watching Milan play. Great players played and still play for this club, Brazilians who are mirrors for me, like Kaka, Ronaldinho and Cafu among others. I’m very happy.”

The striker scored 13 goals in just 19 Primavera games for Lazio last season and can still play for Italy.
[@RadioGalega] Spanish:
"The agreement was found between Milan and Celta Vigo on the transfer of Spanish Samu worth 11 million euros paid in two installments ..
Celta Vigo SD just said Castillejo is far away and he doesn't see him away from Milan and in Celta. He mentioned that Samu's wages are also impossible for Celta.

So at the moment, I'd rather believe the SD.
(08-20-2019, 11:14 AM)mazen111 Wrote: ICARDI - Milan .. Many developments, from now until the end of Mercato negotiations will be more serious ..

Mauro Icardi has reportedly chosen Inter’s No 7 shirt as he is now thinking of staying at the club.
Paolo Maldini confirms Diego Laxalt and Ivan Strinic are leaving Milan, there is ‘no news’ on Angel Correa and that Andre Silva remains a mystery.

The two full-backs have been made redundant following Theo Hernandez’s arrival from Real Madrid, while Milan have seen efforts to sign Correa and sell Silva stall in recent weeks.

“There are two full-backs leaving, Laxalt and Strinic,” Maldini said during the official presentation of Leo Duarte, Rafael Leao and Ismael Bennacer.

“We have no news on Correa and as for Andre Silva, there’s currently nothing concrete.

“The market is still open because there are two weeks to go, but sales are our priority.”

Shortly after the trio were presented, Laxalt’s agent checked in for talks with the Rossoneri hierarchy.

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(08-20-2019, 12:12 PM)mazen111 Wrote: Sky

His wife and agent want to move her husband to Milan and Mauro previously stated he wants to stay in Milan

Keep that wife stealer away from Milan. Bloody Malignant Cancer.
Make Milan Great Again Okmilan
And I am happy that we got Capanni for free. Decent young fellow.

Is he is up for Primavera??
Make Milan Great Again Okmilan
Atalanta remains the main choice for Diego Laxalt, where he will meet with Gasperini again, the deal can be completed by loan with commitment or right of purchase. Milannews

- Maldini came to Madrid to close the Mariano Diaz deal.
(08-19-2019, 06:19 PM)LaChDaNaN Wrote: The problem isn't the exit market, is the strategy Milan had the last years... buying players without a spesific role and plan for them. I know that real football has nothing to do with FM.. but the basic idea when you invest money is the same, either you spend them in a player that you want to have for the next 4-5 years or spent them in some players that you are planing to sell, in order to increase funds, after 1-2 seasons..

Sure, Milan was unlucky in some cases like Conti and Caldara cause of their injuries, but shit happens.. The greater mistakes the past 3 years for me are:

André Silva  38 7.9%
Nikola Kalinic 27.5 5.7%
Samu Castillejo 25 5.2%
Hakan Calhanoglu 21.3 4.4%
Lucas Biglia 19.2 4,0%
Diego Laxalt 14 2.9%
Total 107 30%

Andre Silva was the second more expensive transfer made the last 3 years.. If you spend so much money for one player then first you are sure that he fits your style of play and then you play him in starting eleven no matter what, even if he isn't play well, in order to be able to sell him. 

Nikola Kalinic..i hadn't understand how from the likes of Belotti(23y old before 2 years)  and Immobile (27 year old before 2 years) we ended with Kalinic (29y by the time we bought him)  for almost 30M..

Castillejo we bought him for 25M according to transfermarkt.. as a back up for Right winger.. when the same time we didn't had a starter for the left wing.

Hakan.. yes i have an empathy with this player... we spend over 20M for a player that his natural potition is AM... when we didn't play with AM... A player that doesn't have the speed to play in the wings... nor the strength to play as a CM..

Lucas Biglia..never understand why we spend 20M for a 31 years old player... 

Diego Laxalt.. although he is a good player.. his natural potition is LM.. yes he could play as a LB but he isn't a LB. And even if he were a LB.. when you spend 18M for one LB.. then you should get a starter... not a back up option.. 

For this year transfers.
Bennacer - Hernandez, i don't know if in one year we are trying to sell them.. but paying 36M for two starters 21y old.. it is very good deal
Krunic - Duarte, same goes for here.. spending less than 20M..for two back ups it isn't a bad decision..

only worries are for Leao.. we don't have a starter SS.. and spending 25M for a back up.. it reminds me the andre silva case...

Great post. Don’t forget there were two other horrible deals we made that summer: Higuain for 18m loan + option to buy at 36, and Bakayoko loan 5m + option to buy at 30m. Those were average players that would never be worth the values we agreed for them however the advantages for both is that we had an option to buy albeit set so high.

In my opinion, and I mentioned this right at the end of last summer’s window, it was the worst transfer window we have conducted since I’ve become a Milan fan. It was on par with the Constant, Bakaye Traore and Acerbi window. To be fair, Leonardo did only have like 5 weeks without any preparation while every other club had 3 months + 2-3 months of preparation. He had to do the best he can while respect all of the FFP restrictions so he ended up using all of the receivables from clubs to instead take players instead of future cash payments so that’s why we got players like Samu (Becca), Laxalt (Lapadula), Caldara (Bonucci) under Leo. And under Mirabelli, well now it’s quite clear how inexperienced he was and the decisions were all horrible. Montella also had a lot of blame because he changed our strategy, from instead of signing Musacchio + Aubameyang, we went for Musacchio, Bonucci and Kalinic. Mirabelli also gets blamed because his inexperience didn’t allow him to assert himself and his opinions over Montella’s demands.

Laxalt is a horrible player and it will be hard to find anyone willing to pay what we demand for him. Castillejo on the other hand has some talent but I just don’t think he will ever flourish here. I don’t know if a dry loan to Spain would be a good idea as it might increase his prices and if we make it to the CL, that automatically increases the values of all of our players. Look at Juventus and Inter, selling their youth players for crazy high sums. Inter weren’t able to do that prior to their last two back-to-back CL qualifications.

And now regarding this year’s window... I agree that we signed some very solid players in Bennacer and Theo. Krunic was clearly brought for the bench to take Bertolacci’s spot. Duarte was brought to take Zapata’s and I’m happy we finally moved on from Zapata (player that will not offer any potential profit to the club, not on the pitch or on the balance sheet) after all his blunders in recent years. We have now 4 CB’s who all could be sold for a decent sum which is very positive for us, but do we have the quality we need to reach our objectives? A midfield of Paqueta-Bennacer-Kessie supporting Suso should be starting with Jack-Biglia-Krunic being on the bench (and don’t forget Hakan who can play in any of the 4 midfield positions). I really don’t think Suso can manage to be a trequartista for the full season in Serie A, I just cannot see him succeeding there and I am a Suso fan. He’s a very good but inconsistent right winger, I don’t know how Giampaolo is planning to make him a consistent central trequartista - this is a huge bet that Milan should not be taking in a season where we must make it to 4th spot. We don’t have any natural #10 that is reliable and that’s Giampaolo’s most important position.

And the attack at the moment seems to be the worst of our concerns. Samu and Borini are not dependable no matter how you put it. That leaves us with Piatek, Leao and Silva. Andre has been on the outgoing list all summer and we can’t find an interested buyer. Leao is another huge bet and I don’t see him playing as our starting SS this season, he moves a lot on the wings and reminds me a lot of Niang. Him adapting to Serie A is going to take time. That leaves us with Piatek who I am very concerned about. His qualities are finishing and positioning. In every other characteristic, he is average at best. That will come to haunt us. He has offered absolutely nothing to the team in the games that he hasn’t scored. It’s like we are playing with 10 men. And these types of strikers are not helpful in modern football. That is why I am of the opinion to sell Piatek if we get a good offer and replace him with Icardi.

Yes, Icardi is garbage and so is his agent...but I assure you and remind you, that’s how we all felt about Ibrahimovic and Van Bommel. They instantly won us over with their performances on the bench and have both become fan favorites after being soooo unwelcome at the club before hand. Icardi can do very well in a 2-striker system, he has some amazing passes and great finishes. I however see him as a first striker and not a second striker. His finishing maybe a bit worse than Piatek’s but he offers so much more to the team than Piatek does.

Then of course there is Dybala who would be objective #1 if he is available but I doubt we would be willing to spend 70m on him. Icardi though maybe we could attempt a sneaky 40-50m bid on August 29 if he hasn’t gone to Napoli yet. I wouldn’t definitely take Icardi if we still have Piatek though, instead I’d focus on a real second striker (not Correa and especially not for anything above 20m).

I wonder if PSG want Donnarumma that much, would they consider a Neymar-Gigio swap? That would be an opportunity of a lifetime even though I truly love Gigio and want him to retire here, but having Neymar would mean so much more than having Donnarumma.