Summer Mercato 2019
(04-24-2019, 10:08 PM)DrDejan Wrote: I would be happy with anyone replacing Gattuso. Actually, it’d be better even if he just leave and no one comes to replace him.

Gattuso needs to leave, there is absolutely no way to avoid it. It is clear that he is out of ideas and the players don’t fight for him. He worked as a short-term interim manager, but if you look beyond his name, he doesn’t have a shred of the merits required to take charge of a team of Milan’s stature. It was a mistake to retain him over the summer, and it would be one of the biggest managerial mistakes in Milan’s history if he is allowed to stay.
(04-24-2019, 03:51 PM)artand Wrote: Sarri

Yes, i believe sarri can do better with "proper" players,
And his obsession of playing regista also fit with the player we have. (and hopefully, another reason to bring in tonali)
Just expect something like turning bakayoko into box to box like he forced kante too Sagrin

(04-24-2019, 05:58 PM)Nicolas Wrote: Gattuso has a much more expensive squad at his disposal, with players that are being paid a lot more, and in spite of that his team is still scraping through each game hoping for a miracle, a penalty or a loose ball to score.

I’m not Inzaghi’s biggest fan, but except for club affection he is an upgrade over Gattuso in every single aspect of the game. You mention Immobile but who helped Immobile reach these heights? - Inzaghi. Gattuso is an awful manager, incapable of stringing together any offensive tactic, he displays blatant favoritisms and his press conferences are laughable. I’d personally prefer a manager that is bitter about loosing, compared to one that repeatedly casts doubt on his own abilites by stating that he might not be a good manager after all. How any Milan fan can accept these pathetically toothless displays on the field week in and week out is simply beyond me.

Well that's not gattuso's fault really. He just got whatever he had at that point. And those were overpaid, overrated players.
Even i believe anyone way above gattuso's level (zidane, pep, even klopp) can only bring this team to top 3 at best. How can i expect a new, unproven, green coach to do what those world class coaches canDevilol

If you think with a one dimensional player like suso, we can actually climb the ladder, then i'm sure we don't even need chiesa/ messi to play on the right wing.
No matter what great coaches we have, with player like suso who can only cut inside and either cross / shoot, or forced to cross with his weak right foot, of course we'd do bad.
What can gattuso do really.
Change suso?
With who?
Castillejo? Same impact.
Hakan? more of a central player instead of wide player
The fact that we couldn't even supply our striker properly showed how bad the quality of our playmakers are.

Force to change the way we play with christmas tree, or diamond formation?
We don't have a good regista like pirlo/ xabi alonso, we don't have a midfield that can properly hold the ball like seedorf (okay, paqueta), and can suso/ hakan who's weak physically can play like Kaka/ have smart IQ to play like Eriksen/ use their weak physique and turn it to agile playstyle like Ozil? Can we compare ours to the likes of Papu gomez, Callejon, Illicic, Luis Alberto? Sure Suso have 9 assists, but do you see what they do beside from just crossing and hoping to get an assist? 

About central midfielder, can we really expect some brute-force dependant like kessie to suddenly play smart like Yaya toure/ even prime essien? Yes, he's strong physically. But in the end, he thinks he's the next gerrard that can do proper kick and rush english football just sprinting forward and shooting with power. Little does he know that, prime gerrard can aim to hit a fucking soda can. and kessie can't even aim the corner of the net, let alone his technique. Can Kessie defend properly, even just half of Kante can do? Not at all, tonight's lazio counter showed Kessie can't even cover the counter tactically. So, is Kessie better than Savic, Zielinski, Pastore, Matuidi, even Zaniolo? Absolutely not.
The rest like Montolivo, Mauri, Bertolacci.... definitely top quality for AC monza, but not even worth to be reserve for AC Milan.    

What about wingback in a wingless formation?
Our Wingbacks can't cross for shit. I don't even know whether they're shooting or passing. Do they have the explosiveness to cover their wide area like roberto carlos? Do they have the constant dynamic running up and down the pitch like cafu or lahm? Do they have the IQ and technique to play like maldini? They all don't have those things.
Calabria, conti, laxalt are just a ball winning midfielder played on the sideback just like Poli. (Rodriguez, i believe he has the required skill of good crossing, but yes. This is gattuso's fault. Abate, need to respect him. Once one of the best wingback in serie A when we won in 2010.)

Let's compare it with other Wingbacks in serie A.
Is Calabria/ conti better than Marusic, Cancelo, even Romulo?
Is Rodriguez/ Laxalt better than Alex sandro, Asamoah, even a 30 something years old kolarov (which can easily outpace our right wing and shutdown suso without any problem)?

Now, let's talk about strikers.
Without a doubt, Piatek is a good striker. But how can we expect him to score if there is no supply coming to him?
Sure, let's change it to 2 strikers formation.
But you can't change to 2 lurking poachers with cutrone and piatek. Unless you have a super playmaker like Kaka, Kroos or something. Unfortunately, we don't have them. Of course they won't get the needed supplies. 
Want to pass with longballs? Our strikers aren't the target man type like giroud, dzeko, or that cunt mandzukic. Of course we'd lose most of the aerial duels. 
Want to make a through balls? Our strikers aren't the fastest players like aubameyang, mertens, or immobile. Of course we'd lose the pace duels.
Want to let the strikers create their own chances like Ibra, Quagliarella, ronaldo? Pffft. It's like you have a VW golf and expect it to have performance like a lamborghini or batmobile. They can do the job like a normal car would do. But don't expect them to do the fancies.

In the end, we all know these players in Milan right now, don't deserve to be here. But what can you do, they're already here. Best you can do is straighten up, and let the season finished because there's nothing we can do really. After season end though, then we'll find a new hope.
if Sarri is not possible, Gasperini is worth trying though
Karl08, great summary. And, everyone here, at the forum, will agree with you, more or less. Except, that it’s not Gattuso’s fault. Actually, he did a lot of wrongs and very little rights.

He plays people out of position, doesn’t possess tactical knowledge, insists on the wrong style of play, can’t read a game, and most surprisingly, he doesn’t motivate the players as I expected he will. The animal - in positive sense - we knew, has turned into a kitten.
When Gattuso first took over from Montella, he said that he won't change too many things in terms of formation at the time, but his football idea is fundamentally different and more direct without messing around with the ball too much.

Fast forward 15 months or so, and he's turned this back into Montella's Milan. Senseless passing along the back line. Slow, slow, SLOW build up by lateral and passive/negative passes. At least he admitted that we were outplayed and didn't deserve to go through. Montella on the other hand would have been talking about how we had 55% possession.
I agree that gattuso is very clueless on tactical point of view. The way he forced the player to build up from goalkeeper is very questionable. His decision in substitutions are bad. But what made me disappointed in him is, same with DrDejan's. Everytime the team played bad (which is quite often this season), i seriously hoped many times, in interview, he'd "malakia" all those undeserved, overpaid players. But then, it never came. Instead, he's always protecting a lot of players.

Yes, we'd better change gattuso IF we get someone like gasperini, sarri, hell. I'll even accept professor arsene wenger if he wants to come out of retirement.
But definitely not another unproven coaches. We have followed this path long enough to know, this method doesn't work.
Well it is Gattuso's fault that Hakan is still here. If Hakan was sold, Leo could buy a real winger with the money.
(04-25-2019, 02:46 AM)Karl08 Wrote: Well that's not gattuso's fault really. He just got whatever he had at that point. And those were overpaid, overrated players.
Even i believe anyone way above gattuso's level (zidane, pep, even klopp) can only bring this team to top 3 at best. How can i expect a new, unproven, green coach to do what those world class coaches canDevilol

Yes, I do honestly believe that this situation is mostly Gattuso’s fault, simply because he is a bad manager. It becomes blatantly obvious when we go up against teams that are objectively much worse, but who still manage to outplay us, if you need a concrete example just rewatch our match against Parma. 

This team is not bad, player for player. It is not great either but better managers can make their players perform above their normal level, Gattuso does the opposite. Atalanta is a perfect example of a team where the sum is clearly better than the parts, and that is down to an experienced manager.

Gattuso is not new, he has been managing teams for 6 years now, and he has been awful at every team, which is also why his tenures have been rather short. There has never been anything promising about him as a manager, he is a traditionalist, basically an very poor mans Ancelotti. I’d be a lot more forgiving if he was trying out new strategies or experimenting with how he can open up new dimensions to this team, but he does none of that. To Gattuso being adventurous is to take off a wingback and play with two strikers. He would be perfect in the English Championship with his approach, but Serie A is full of tactically astute managers who all run circles around his clueless tactics. 

It was a good call to bring him in as the manager of the primavera team, a bad call to throw him in to the deep end so soon as a short-term replacement, and an absolutely horrendous decision to give him the job on a permanent basis.
james rodriguez linked
I would not agree that Gattuso did not have a good team to work with. Yes, this team is far from a world class team but I would say that all our players bar Bakayoko and Romagnoli are under performing either from their real potential or the best that they played during the season. I mean, Suso, Hakan, Kessie, RR, Biglia - this is not a a bad crop of players, there is real talent here, but he did not improve them, they just regressed a lot. I mentioned this elsewhere, Torino, Samp, Lazio and Atalanta don`t have better team nor do they have our budget and yet they played on par with us.

If Roma and Lazio got 4th before us I would say that yes that is possible,but both Roma and Lazio have been really bad this year and failing to get 4th place in this level of competition is terrible. I would go one step further to say that Leo and Maldini need to be held accountable for not reacting 6-7 games ago when it was obvious that Gattuso can`t get the better this team.
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