Summer Mercato 2019
(07-25-2019, 12:26 AM)DrDejan Wrote: After the news about James being offered to AC Milan for $42mil, are there still any forum members, including Giampaolo (is he Mazen??), who thinks Correa is a good deal? :-)

loool i am 100% against correa deal ... i am with Deulofeu, james, tonali, zarracho with keeping silva and cutrone

Donna what ... sell Paolo sell
#ACMilan and #Wolverhampton have reached an agreement in principle for #Cutrone, on the basis of around €18m plus bonuses. The negotiations are at an advanced stage.
That's crime if it's true.
Avaiting for arrival of exorcist into our boardroom.
Cutrone is not a superstar.....but god damn it! He is definitely worth more than that. Pinamonti was sold for 18mil ffs!!
I'll be mad with just 16M +add ons! ( sorry its pounds)
I don't think Cutrone to Wolves (if that is going to happen) is good business. First of all, in contemporary financial terms, we are being meticulously robbed. 18m is a desperate price for us. I know fees nowadays in football are simply ridiculous (I mean Leicester want 80m for Harry m/f Maguire ffs) but think that Cutrone's value according to Tranfermarkt is around 28m. Not to say that he's destined to be a sure superstar, but the price is not satisfactory, nor adequate for a player of his age and his experience and his work rate. I believe his is FORCED out of the team and the boy doesn't like it.

Obviously, if Silva hadn't failed his medical tests (SERIOUSLY?) Cutrone would probably stay. I always liked Silva and I actually believe that half the blame for his first tenure in San Siro must go to Montella and his vague and indecisive experiments with our frontline. Then came the loan to Sevilla. He had a great start. Then came the injury. Then Sevilla, a team famous for their sharp and quick-witted business in the mercato said "Yeah, thanks a lot guys but we'll buy him a ticket and we are sending him back, tied with a ribbon and all."

And here we are now with two big problems, two sides of the same dispensable coin; Either we sell him in a much lower price, or we are stuck with an unfit player who wants to leave a team who doesn't really want to keep him. I don't know what is worst and I would like to hear the thoughts of the other MM members here. These type of situations are the aftereffects of an historic team badly run by its board for so many years now. Times have changed, football has changed, Milan just rested on former glories not able to adapt to the new era. I can only hope that this rotten and indifferent mentality will change.

Last but not least; Imagine you are Cutrone. You have the chance to play in the most prestigious league in the world and make everybody notice you. For Wolves, the first team below the Big Six, a rich team that will play European football this season, with some great players, and even greater expectations for the future. The money will surely be good. Most importantly, it is a premier league team that has only one other center-forward in front of you in the pecking order: Raul Jimenez. And they want you. But you're not really interested in that. You want to stay put and impress your new manager and play for your childhood team, and score in front of the Curva Sud and run to them, hands held aloft. Because that's where you think you really belong. Well, shit on that FFP, you are AC Milan; you hold on to players like that.

Anyway, Montolivo is gone so I'm not that angry anymore.
(07-24-2019, 11:11 PM)AC_Troy Wrote: Could you imagine James as our trequartista?

Mgmt needs to go all in

I'd love to see James at Milan, if we can afford him.

I'd hate to see Cutrone leave, even though it might be necessary.

 I'm annoyed this André Silva saga turned out the way it did. Why not offer him to Wolves instead? Come on Mendes!

Why hasn't Laxalt, Samu and Biglia been sold yet? Not needed and could probably bring in at least some much needed cash. If only it was that easy...

I think either of Demiral or Rugani could work out well for us, given that Juventus could lower their asking prices a bit.

My thoughts so far today...  Idea
(07-25-2019, 01:37 PM)Arildonardo Wrote: I'd love to see James at Milan, if we can afford him.

Well, I have to say James behind Correa and Piatek doesn't sound really bad at all. (Do we have the money though? Maybe rob a bank?)
Mentality is still very questionable, I agree Sputnik. We know that the team will do its best to sell Silva, that's clear surely. So kind of taking that into account, plus other things like the reported fee, I definitely disagree Cutrone needs to leave and even less if the argument for Cutrone leaving is going to mention FFP. We started this window with a front line of Piatek, Cutrone, Silva, Borini. Ending this window with Piatek, Correa, Borini is not a better prepared team and if the ultimate aim is getting to CL we need a forward purchase next summer to be ready (more games, more depth, etc.).
(07-25-2019, 12:32 PM)edysim Wrote: I'll be mad with just 16M +add ons! ( sorry its pounds)

Our Mangagement is worst than Roma Angry
"Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it"