Buying Inter vs. Milan ticket on Oct 21st
Hi - I am planning to go to Europe in October and I would really love to watch Inter vs. Milan on Oct 21st.

Where is the best place to buy the ticket? I go to but it looks like they only sell the next 4-5 matches? Anyone knows the best and legit place to buy the ticket?

Also, would anyone know the best place to buy Man Utd vs. Juventus ticket on Oct 23rd?

Is a safe place to buy?

I am sure this has been asked before, apologize for not searching into the archive first.

From Oct 21 to Oct 31 there’ll be 4 Milan games at the San Siro. I cannot remember any home team to have ever had 4 games at home in 10 days.

Start off away versus Inter, then Milan x Betis, Sampdoria and Genoa.

Interesting time to visit.
I’m going soon and I’ll buy tickets from the official website.

There are other sites but they ask some more money.
Yes, it is best to buy from official site. If you're registered ,from time to time they give you some small discount.
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