Rossonero in distress
From the old forum
drucurl Wrote:I have created this thread primarily out of concern for our own Warro Bantan. As some of you might know hurricane Dean is heading to Jamaica. I haven't heard from Warro for two days and I'm very concerned about him....I hope this thread may one day grow into some sort of meaningful relief network for our brothers in red and black regardless of their nationalities.
Dean is due to directly hit Jamaica.
Warro Buddy you are in out thoughts

Today, I take this opportunity to Congratulate the people of Egypt Big Grin
they have succeeded to remove the dictator(and puppet) Moubarak

so yeah, Congrats to all the Egyptian members that should be joining us Tonight, or tomorrow on our new forum Big Grin
We live in a strange world nowadays ... While there is a civil war in Lybia, other people try to survive in Japan.

I don't know if there are members of MM in these countries, but if there is, I feel sorry for them and hope for the best !!

PS: In France, there is no surprise with politics ... They contradict themselves about Lybia (the current French government welcomed Kadhafi in France last year and now does like if they always wanted him out), and some try to use the Japanese earthquake to reinforce their ideas (especially the "greens", ecological group, not caring about the disaster that could happen, they are already criticizing the government for keeping developping the nuclear energy). I'm going to vomit !!
One should not speak ill of the dead.
So stop laughing at Juventus !
I feel sorry and hope for the best !!
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