2011 Fifa Club World Cup
Just watching the Final Santos-Barcelona FC

I am shocked at what a pounding this game was. Not completely shocked, but it shows Barcelona is for sure the best in the world, but we're not too far behind.

There play is very predictable (Barca). They overload with midfielders, and play a lot of 1 and 2 touch. There players never stop moving and are always making runs into the box from either the wings or from up the middle. They never start with a player in the middle up top (striker) which makes it difficult for defenders to mark. They must play zone, and are never sure who's going to make the run in. It's confusing for CB's and this is the key to barca's goals.

They played:

---------------------------------------------------------(No strikers)
Thiago Alcantara-------Fabregas-----Messi----------------------

Very interesting and unique formation. I wrote this just so we can refer back to this later in the UCL competition if we play them again. Perhaps if Milan fans figure out their style we can use telephathy to Allegri so he can figure our how to win Big Grin

On another note, Neymar and Ganso have been invisible in the 1st half, and seem quite selfish in their play. Keep in mind Santos has barely touched the ball.
no attacker? no wonder Berlusconi said that we play better football than Barcelona. Big Grin Grinundwech
aka xudong