Milan vs. Juve 11/11/18
Higuain did make a difference in this game after all. Just the way I was hoping for.
Higuain had our only real chance of the game with good skill. He took a decent penalty, just good save by the GK. I think this falls on Gattuso. Too much focus on Grinta and not enough on skill/technique. You isolate Suso and we have no chance. Castillejo and Chalanoglu are really disappointing. We also have no depth on the bench.
Well all else considered, we gave them a bit of a fight. Compared with what we've been doing the last few years, I'd say we've somewhat improved. Had we had our full first 11 available, I dare say we may have been able to draw this match in the end.

Positives: Bakayoko did well again for a 4th straight match. The team went down early but still tried to make a match out of it. We also now have 2 weeks time to recover Calabria, Conti Cutrone and whoever else was on the short term injury list.
Oh, and all our rivals dropped points so we're still holding onto 5th by the skin of our teeth.
Negatives: No Higuain against Lazio, right when we really could use him to bully their leaky defense and jump back into 4th...
We got the young 'un's. We take out big gunz  Devilcool
Just read that we only got 1 win and 1 draw out of the past 17 matches against Juventus. How sad.
1 win, 1 draw, 10 refs, 5 Juve
Big Grin That call on Romagnoli for "fouling" Chiellini is evidence that Juve players can just do whatever they want, as long as VAR isn't invoked. That would make referee's job harder. LOL.
We did not lose the match because of the ref. We lost because Juve are head and shoulders above us at the moment. Not many of our players would play a single minute in that Juve team.
Call me when Juve wins 7 CL

Suck my dick, Benatia

juve merda
We never loooed like getting anything out of that game. No real chances, no real quality to be honest.

The only good thing of the day was that Inter and Lazio also dropped points.
Benatia should’ve received a second yellow and got sent off against Milan. Milan did also deserve another penalty for Chiellini’s pulling of Romagnoli inside the box, instead it was whistled a foul for Juventus

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