Olympiakos vs. Milan 12/13/18
No, it's not nice to focus on Serie A. How are we going to play in the Champions League when we can't even keep the tempo of playing in a much easier competition.
I thought we had better squad depth than previous..
so...we fought tooth to nails to not get kicked out of EL just to deliver these performances? lol. We probably would've been better off just not participating at all.
We should have done better than in earlier games (and secured next round) with the strongest squad possible , yet, coach decided to put up a B team. No regret we are just not good enough yet , even against Olympiakos, Betis and Dudxxxxx
(12-13-2018, 11:03 PM)Acmir Wrote: No, it's not nice to focus on Serie A. How are we going to play in the Champions League when we can't even keep the tempo of playing in a much easier competition.

Well we can qualify for Champions and lose out in group stage.  Better than Europa
Fucking TRASH performance. From the players to Gattuso. He is too scared to take Higuain off the field. Cutrone was the better player, worked harder.....yet when he made a decision to take one of them off, he went with Cutrone because he didn't want the conflict with Higuain.

People still think Kessie is this god-sent player? Un-removable from the starting 11? Fucking trash! What exactly does this player add to the team?????? Bakayoko was miles ahead of him tonight as has been for 2 months now.

Calhanoglu.....WTF is this guy doing??? What a horrible and amateur performance by him. Horrible season.

Honestly, this is just not good enough from anybody. We were disorganized, flying into tackles and throwing players forward. Leaving spaces. This was an absolute disaster of a tactical performance. No, the penalty was not a penalty. If that's a penalty, then there should be one on EVERY corner kick. We should have had 1 too then. The referee fucked us on that occasion. But it doesn't matter. In the end, we went out on goal difference and that's what happens when you concede 2 goals from DudeFUKINlange at the San Siro.

We need some serious changes in the midfield and on the wings. We have not wingers other then Suso. Calhanoglu is a bench player. Simple as that. This guy doesn't have the mentality to wear a Milan jersey. Sell him or buy someone and put him on the bench. Buy some fucking midfielders please. I can't stand watching Kessie anymore. 90th minute, we need a goal, he misplaces 2 easy ass passes. Then he takes a HEAVY touch with nobody around him and loses the ball with 1 minute to go. I mean, what kind of a midfielder is this?????? Just pick up any scrub from Serie A and he'll do the same job. No fucking passing range, horrible in the attacking third, let's not even talk about any creativity. It's been a garbage season from him.
The players do not cover themselves in glory but Gattuso has to go.Id of loved for him to of been great but he isn't.As of now yes we're 4th but it's more to do with luck than us being deserving.Teams below us have messed up in recent weeks and 2 super late goals against Udinese and Genoa is what has us there.
I have zero confidence in Gattuso as a coach ,his teams have no style buckle under any pressure cannot get a result even a draw against the better sides.His persistence with Calhanoglu is bizarre and his insistence on playing Borini whenever he can is infuriating.We have no midfield , it's all hit and rush with no plan.Gattusos plan is this Plan A ball to Suso plan B ball to Suso plan C D E F G BALL TO SUSO.
I guarantee this season will go the way the rest have and we'll have a month or more where we draw 3/4 games and lose 2/3 and that's it scrapping for EL again only to be embarrased in it again....If we make it

The players are good enough to make 4th or 3rd and we're good enough to top that group.They play the way they play because of lack of Direction this squad will never win anything but it should be enough to make 4th and build on but with the players attitude and Gattuso as coach we're in for more of the same
His post game interview.. wtf is he smoking seriously..?

"If the team played badly, we made excuses, we made the game but conceded 3 goals.."

I could foresee we were in deep shit the way we set up to play from the very start of the game.. there were warning signs all through the early stages but as a coach he didnt see it..? We set out to sit back and let them attack us when we actually have a patched up defence in place and a rotated keeper whos forte is play the ball with his feet.. reasons we should have just played our normal game or atleast an attacking game to get the pressure off our defence..

And Leonardo..? He blame the referee.. lack of V.A.R and the noise in the stadium.. unjust elimination..? Dafuq..? Was he watching the same game as us..? Is he smoking the same shit Gattuso was..? Fans paid big money to come to the stadium just to cheer their team and not intimidate or distract the opponents? Is he stupid or stoned..?