Bologna vs. Milan 12/18/18
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We are going to win this and end Inzaghi's contract.
So he is available to replace Gattuso Grinundwech
must win.
(12-15-2018, 03:26 AM)nefremo Wrote: We are going to win this and end Inzaghi's contract.
Bologna to win and end Gattuso's contract
Nah, I don't think so. At the very least, Gattuso is staying here until the winter break. And even then, things would need to take a really bad turn during this month for him to be sacked.

I think he deserves to stay. He's done a formidable job especially when you look at our injuries. Some of his decisions are frustrating, but it's very easy to talk about them from the comfort of our home. I put myself first on that list as I really get pissed off at some of the things he's done. Regardless, he has us at 4th place and as long as we stay there, it's all good.
He has to show much more, tactically he is not better than the few before him. Lack of depth doesn't excuse repeatedly *not changing* Kessie's movement, just for one example. It is very clear that good or bad Kessie is doing the same mistakes tactically, I am not talking about some bad passes he does it is much more than that. Developing and correcting mistakes of a young player is coach AND player not just player. A player like Bertolacci wasting away is also coach's responsibility, for example we can not lump Monto with Berto cause age wise and career wise they are far apart.
I think I agree with nefremo. As long as we keep picking up points and are within reach of that 4th place then Rino should keep his job. Some decisions are infuriating, sometimes his lack of changing things during the game can be annoying as well, but given our current position despite all the injuries, we can cut him some slack.
Siamo a posto cosi.
As long as management have open wide eyes and realize things to strengthen and talk to Gattuso too, letting him stay for CL competition with these decisions and 3-1 Olympicaos type results will happen. Fans and management better be ready cause middle of CL season firing is worse than summer firing, we are doing well in Serie A but let's not over rate getting fourth place in Serie A.
With this current MO and inconsistency it's just matter of time before everything falls apart... I'd like to be wrong ,but...
We saw that with Montella recently. His "magic season" also lasted somewhere till the end of december or mid january...It collapsed soon after Supercopa.
There is simply no signs or clues for long term optimism.
We will also see how winter mercato will be handled...Some things will depend on it...
Avaiting for arrival of exorcist into our boardroom.