Poll: Would you sack Gattuso?
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Would you sack Gattuso?
I'm wondering ,if decision was up to you - what would you do?
Avaiting for arrival of exorcist into our boardroom.
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I would specifically organise free entry to San Siro for a special event.. bring him up in stage with hakan and terminate both publicly
I love the guy! Always have. But it's time for a new coach. I've been an advocate for him all season despite the many issues. But now it's time to move on.
That being said. We need to replace him with someone good. Not Wenger.
I voted yes because i don't think at this point of time he has what it takes to have us at the top, and that's where i want us to be.

Having said that, not everything is his fault and he's encountered some problems, especially with injuries.

All issues aside, it's been a year and we are still talking about the same issues in our play that we were talkong about a year ago. We don't have an identity and I don't even know what style of football this Milan wants to play.

Yes, it's probably time for Rino to go. BUT, as porcho said, the replacement has to be top notch.
Gattuso needs to go, he is not good enough to coach at this level and he hasn't proven anything since he took over to suggest otherwise. I agree with everyone that we need a real coach to replace Gattuso. I don't know who that would be, but we need a real coach who has tactical ability and can develop players for us. Gattuso has not been able to do either one of those things.
Absolutely, but if Wenger is his replacement NO.
Yes but if we have a proper replacement, not another primavera coach etc.
Gattuso is not the only problem for our results, but is he the solution? I am not sure about that. I love Rino to death and if we have a good replacement (not Wenger or Conte) I'd like it if he would just tender his resignation. The important thing is that his bond with Milan is not broken. With that said, I trust in Leodini- they will do the right thing for everyone.

The best option amongst available managers is Jardim. He did a great job at Monaco, the only issue is his adaption to Serie A. I personally would love it if we would get Marco Giampaolo. He is the kind of manager you can really build a project with, especially on a budget.