Milan vs. Napoli 1/26/19
Bah..... 0-0 FT... We could have and should have won this....
Napoli wasting time at the last minute and a half...

Well played Ancelotti... well played...

So long as Lazio and Roma don't win against Juve and Atalanta, we'll stay 4th.

Next week we go head to head against Roma.
We got the young 'un's. We take out big gunz  Devilcool
good result
Gattuso is most retarded coaches in all world, Conti was player wich bring us last 2 wins and today 0 minutes... But fucking Kessie wich can't score from 2 meters play all fucking game
The cutting edge in the final third was lacking from both teams. We both created some decent chances but just couldn't get the right final touch. If Musacchio makes better contact, we could have won this game 1-0
Siamo a posto cosi.
To be fair.. id also throw on Conti esp with Piatek on.. we already lost the attacking thrust with Paqueta off.. should have balanced it off with more attack.. also Kessie.. he's gotten too complacent thinking his X11 place is assured.. quite sloppy on the ball.. massively fucked up that counter in the 80plus min when he had so many options and we outnumbered them.. what a cunt..
A fair result. We could have won the game but it would've been a bit unfair to Napoli who apparently had a better second half than we.

I don't quite understand two subs by Gattuso. Of course, one can always hope for a miracle from Borini like last game, but he didn't surprise us. He barely got any touch, and really should have done much better with that head/shoulder ball. Anyone else might have scored from there.

Kessie is disappointing. I was hoping that Gattuso would sub him off for Conti. I can't believe that he wasted that golden chance to score from just a few yards away. Cutrone, or anyone else I suppose, could have scored.

The red card was non-existent for Napoli.

I am so grateful we have Donnarumma. This kid is starting to earn his pay. Without him, we would have easily lost this game.

0-0 is not a bad result at all. Let's hope for favorable results (for us) out of Roma and Lazio games. If we could somehow hold on to the 4th spot after this week is over, it would be great. I believe that we play Roma next. We do have some good players, and the performance during the first half gave me hope.
Not a terrible result, but there is definitely regret as we could have taken 3 points. The tie is probably a fair result at the end.

Bakayoko was good again. Romagnoli was the MOM for me. Always at the right place. Great defending from him today.

I also thought that Conti should have come on. Not that Calabria was bad, but I think Conti could have given us more in the final 3rd.

Time and time again we are reminded which players should be replaced. We need a LW and we need a CM. Both Kessie and Calhanoglu were underwhelming. Better than recent games, but still not good enough.
The good thing is that the management has already identified these issues. Remains to be seen if we can do something about it in the last 5 days of the market.

Also, it's very worrying to me that this team looks unfit. How is that even possible. This is the time of the year that players should be hitting their peak condition. Instead, several of our players look loke they got rocks in their shoes at the 65th minute mark. Paqueta, Calhanoglu, Kessie and even Cutrone. They all looked horrible after 60 minutes. Heavy legs, heavy touches, bad decision making, etc.
Actually, I'd like to commend Gattuso for our defensive setup.

Noticed that all match we would have two defenders channeling their attackers into shooting right between them, straight at Donnarumma. The funneling tactic made it a heckuva a lot harder for their players to shoot anywhere other than down the middle and straight at Gigio. It was a setup that worked perfectly until Verdi managed to get behind Mussachio near the end. Luckily he only glanced his header away from Donnarumma.

Defensively, it was a sound plan.

Now we just have to sort out our attacking setup, instead of relying on moments of brilliance from our forwards.

Nef, it's not so much as being unfit. We were playing against a team with high attacking intensity, and were defending for most of the second half.
Think of how other mid-tier teams suffer around the 70th to 80th minute against us all the time and you should understand what was happening. We were just on the other end of it this time. Once our players develop their potential, this should be a lesser problem, but for now the top 2 teams will always be putting pressure on us like we're a lower team.
We got the young 'un's. We take out big gunz  Devilcool
its evident when we have better midfield, we dont get outplayed easily by opponent, and Napoli especially just like past prev meetings. Should have tried harder and pushed for 3points, but i wont be so disappointed with 1 today. Pacqueta lost his legs and was rightly sub.. wondering why Conti isnt starting as he would make diff with his crossing. a mid and lw are needed for Hakan and Kessie's position and we should be strong enough to get 4th position.

linked with Delofoue, if we dont have much time and choice, lets take him.
Come on guys be fair.. i think i have been one of those who were the bigger critique of Hakan but even i can see he had a very good and spirited first half.. we lost him when Paqueta went off and his position was shifted.. can be seen what a promising combination they both had in this short time together.. imo Hakan did well