Milan vs. Napoli 1/29/19
They have to pick the time when I need to work to have a good game? Angry
Our defenders are a joy to watch right now (knock on wood!)
Great half Smile
Why was Piatek not this good in the Genoa games i watched.. he was okay.. but this game he's showing he's got everything needed to succeed.. good strength (koulibaly cant shake him off without commiting a foul) good speed (he's burnt their defence for speed a few times) and really good first touch.. his finish is superb.. maybe Genoa didnt have the players to bring out this beast..!
(01-29-2019, 09:33 PM)devoted_dm Wrote: Our defenders are a joy to watch right now (knock on wood!)

These past 2 games Musacchio is really staking a case for himself before Caldara gets back to full fitness.. Zapata has shown he is able to do very well when needed but i think the real competition will be Caldara-Musacchio for starting 11..

Is it just me or did this Milan really play way way better and more fluid without Hakan and Higuain.. and our team is so very young.. So many under 25.. and our GK looks like a solid veteran.. Romagnoli too.. not since the days of Nesta and Maldini has i seen a better defender holding the fort.. this Milan really is a joy to watch..
Hakan for Borini, hurt his foot it seems
Cutrone for Piatek
Rodriguez for Paqueta
Paqueta was a monster this match, so hard-working and rarely loses the ball. I really think we have bought a gem. The same can be said for Bakayoko too. He's a wall in midfield.
Like I keep saying, Bakayoko is an absolutely MUST BUY player, even if it comes at the cost of Kessie. He's an absolute beast, such a class player.

Paqueta was great. Piatek off to a flying start.