Milan vs. Sassuolo 3/2/19
Till the end of the season, we have 4 tough games.. Inter(Home) Juve(away) and Fiorentina (away) Lazio (h) while the rest are winnable games..

Inter has 6 tough games AC Milan (a) Lazio (h) Atalanta (h) Roma (h) Juve (h) and Napoli (a).. the real interesting one will be the Roma game..

Roma has Napoli (h) Fiorentina (a) Inter (a) Juve (h)

Lstest update.. Lazio is up 3-0 against Roma, if they win heir game in hand, they will be level points with Roma lol.. We just might end up 3rd..!
Lazio beat Roma so we are now in 3rd place with a 4 points gap against 5th place Roma. It's a good weekend for us, we finally seem to be going back for UCL.
Towards the end, there were also a bunch of yellow cards (and eventually a red too!). A few suspensions are coming up for them.

Wonderful weekend! Big Grin
What does make me really happy about our game was that we actually didn't choke this time, even though we knew that we were in a great position to go third. It definitely wasn't pretty, but we got the result. Good to see that our mentality has improved.
The future in our hands
(03-02-2019, 09:45 PM)AC_Troy Wrote: I can accept Donnarumma but Suso created the goal and most chances

did we have any chances at all to score?  Huh

I wish i could have some of what Simone inzaghi is smoking.. cant wait till we beat his ass out of coppa and serie a at home.. this douche bag
(03-02-2019, 07:36 PM)drucurl Wrote: Lord Matri coming afraid

I was truly afraid when he was at Cagliari and Juve  Angry

But now it is really a nice joke  Devilol
yes an important UGLY win!
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