Milan vs Inter 17/3
No better time than this to kill Inter and secure 3rd spot.  Piatek to score derby goalss. Devilcool
After Inter horrible UEL, 3-0 win for Milan if Gattuso didn't park the bus after first goal
i tip for Suso brace Big Grin
2-1 Milan win
Quote:Milanisti complaining so much about Suso and Hakan, imagine you’d have to watch Candreva and Perisic constantly playing for your team

I only hope not to lose. But, with Gattuso' defensive tactics, I am not an optimist. Luckily, Inter is in terrible run of bad performances. On the other hand, they have a lot to prove against us, so I expect them to be very motivated since this is the derby and everything is possible.
Normally I'd be worried about Rino's tactics and penchant for sitting back. But if you've noticed in the last two months, Piątek and Paqueta rarely follow his script. Given that both have been well rested this past week (Paqueta specifically) I feel like we're going to be in for a treat against this very depleted Merda side.

The only players I truly fear on their team are the two who aren't playing, Icardi and Nainggolan. The only other player on their team who can create chances is Politano, but our defence should be able to deal with a player of his caliber.

Their mid week game should have sapped their remaining 12 first team players of enough energy. If we start on the attack and gain momentum by pressing them from the kick off, I can totally see them capitulating by the 50th or 60th minute, purely because they've run out of steam.

Two goals from Piątek and another from Paqueta will do me just fine.
We got the young 'un's. We take out big gunz  Devilcool
Do we know for sure that Icardi and Nainggolan won't play?

I am hoping for a win, and ideally one that would earn us the advantage in H2H. We lost 0-1 in the reverse round.
I don't think there is any trick in Nainggolan's status, he won't play.
Icardi, who knows.
Maybe Inter administration will beg Icardi to come back to play, if they are desperate enough. Icon_lol2

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