Summer 2019 friendlies
Three matches of the 2019 International Champions Cup are now confirmed

July 23 Kansas City
vs Bayern 3:00AM Milan time

July 28 Boston
vs Benfica 9:00PM Milan time

August 3 Cardiff, Wales
vs Manchester United 6:25PM Milan time
Our first priority should be qualifying for Champions league, not Champions Cup Big Grin
Make Milan Great Again Okmilan
Good point Big Grin
Friendly matches are all about making money these days. That said i will be desperate to watch them.
I'm looking to go to the Bayern or Benfica game. My wife wants to go to Boston but I think she'd rather go in October. I've family a couple hours from Kansas City so I could make a vacation out of it
Just bought tickets to the Bayern game
Take some photos. Big Grin
I wonder if Milan continued to stink (say, for another three seasons in a row), eventually if they may stop inviting us. Icon_lol2
Maybe I should make a Milan Mania sign and bring it? or maybe a Lord sign?
Hopefully there's a meet and greet. The last two games I went to didn't have one. Chelsea in Miami and Chivas in Houston