Milan vs. Udinese 4/2/19
Bad news is we may have lost Gigio and Lucas for Juventus. Not to mention if Lazio win their games in hand, then they overtake us by 2 points.

Everything seems on the down for us, unless we manage a miracle against Ronaldo-less Juve.
We got the young 'un's. We take out big gunz  Devilcool
Just great.. what a great way to lead up to the games against Juve and Lazio.. fantastic..
I predict 9th place this season. We'll not sign Bakayoko and then sell Donnarumma, Romagnoli, Paqueta, Piatek and Cutrone.
Disgrace, fuckin Disgrace. Sack the cunt immediately
(04-02-2019, 08:05 PM)artand Wrote: Disgrace, fuckin Disgrace. Sack the cunt immediately

Which c**t should we start sacking? Could be anyone...
I'm all for the shake up but this performance goes to show why some of players are benched week in week out. We've been calling for Suso and others to be left out of the starting line ups and yet the replacements are just as poor mentally and even poorer technically.

The only promising changes are Paqueta-Piatek-Cutrone up front. The rest are just meh, it's like selecting from a pool of dumb and dumber kind of players.

I mean we all know crossing the ball has never been Abate's forte, but did Calabria ever send single decent cross tonight? And Castillejo was just as predictable as Suso, but with much less strength that the defenders could easily bodycheck him to take the ball.
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The shake up was needed, more than just the backup issue too, it was Piatek absolutely isolated in a 4-3-3 hoping Calhanoglu or Suso can do something. Piatek is certainly not the player to stand on top of center circle to receive the ball, and create by himself, he has scored like that but opposition learns too. If we revert back to no link between mid and Piatek and only relying on crosses we will finish lower than 4-3-1-2.
Paqueta Sad

(04-02-2019, 08:08 PM)Arildonardo Wrote: Which c**t should we start sacking? Could be anyone...

have never seen a coach, at 1-1 when you badly need pts, pushing with all your man forward , subs RB for RB . fuck it.  Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry
Who else would u wanna throw on..? We are that limited.. we cant go 352 coz Laxalt doesnt have the frame to be a ccb.. the only options we really had was Suso or Kessie.. and both are off form too at the moment.. unless ur referring to Borini..

The only mistake i saw was during that corner that resulted in the opposition goal.. why were we so pushed up to force a 2nd goal.. we could have just not be so pressured to kill off a game thru set pieces that we left 2 man in defence.. we were not chasing the game at the point..

I dun really blame Samu or Laxalt as not being better replacements.. this was a new system.. they did better when in the old system when compared to Suso or RR.. Samu played with way more heart than Suso in recent games, he just lacks the physical strength.. Laxalt though... when possesion comes to him, it just goes backwards or sideways.. his decision making is quite poor..