Milan vs. Lazio 4/24/19
1-0 Milan
forget it.

we are in a piss poor form. we are losing both this game and the cl spot.
I expect 1-0 Win for us both teams are in poor form but Lazio is fucked up now Devilol
Make Milan Great Again Okmilan
I think we should save our energy for Serie A.

Atalanta beat Napoli 2-1 away today and are level with us on 56 points.
(04-22-2019, 08:27 PM)Arildonardo Wrote: I think we should save our energy for Serie A.

Atalanta beat Napoli 2-1 away today and are level with us on 56 points.

What energy?
(04-22-2019, 08:37 PM)AC_Troy Wrote: What energy?

True. We're probably screwed anyway.
we have already thrown away this season. unacceptable dropping points to minnows that play to secure the league. we donot deserve to be part of the CL next year. Atalanta is the one that deserve it. Went to San Paolo, played OPEN, attacking foorball. Unlike us, hiding even to Sassuolo,Frosinone and Bologna. Gattuso as a coach is a big joke, who isnt still fired just of being Maldini's good pal.
Whoever finishes 4th will deserve it.

I agree on the Gattuso part. We dom't play good football. We are slow, without imagination and terribly slow tempo. We don't create any opportunities and 90% of our ball possession is in our own half WHEN the opponents don't press us. When they do, we make 5-6 passes along the back line and then just lose the ball anyway.

Gattuso should go at the end of the season. No question about it. We need a coach that will have us play some exciting football. In the past, it could have happemed that we lost or tie games or win 1-0....but the fact was that we were always in control of the game creating 10-15 goal scoring opportunities per game peppering the opponent's goal with shots. Now, i can barely stay awake.

To be honest, Atalanta probably play the best football in Italy. But I'm not so sure they'll end ahead of us. I still give Milan the upper hand mainly because everything is still in Milan's hands and the schedule is not difficult at all. Frosinone (relegated), SPAL (safe and in no real danger), and Fiorentina (dead midtable) have nothing to play for. If we can't beat these teams solely on motivation and intensity, then we are screwed. Torino will be tough and the most telling game. SPAL could also be basically safe by the time we play them if they beat Empoli next weekend. So really, 4 out of the 5 remaining games (3 for sure) might end up being against teams that are done with the season. If Rino can't get us the CL now, then he has completely lost the plot.

I think if we beat Torino next weekend, we will gain some steam and push through for 4th. Don't forget that Inter still has Juventus and Napoli to play, so it's not as if they have 3rd place on lock yet too.
Me, as a Milan fan, wouldnt like to see Milan qualify into the CL, with Gattuso in charge and in the current condition. i am heavily disappointed, just like many other fans. Let Atalanta qualify, they play at least more attractive football than us
Let's not argue who deserves it or who doesn't. I agree with nefremo whoever ends with 4th most likely deserves it anyway. It is not like either team is corrupted like Juventus, so it is the total points that do the talking eventually.

As for this game, I think we should put in a mix of 1st and 2nd lineup players.

I don't care if we win or lose, as long as we don't go to extra time, or even worse, lose in the PK shootout. Then we will be definitely screwed.