This sub appreciation post!!
I’m posting this before the endgame (avengers reference of course) this Sunday which will define our future and I wanted to say thank you all. I found this sub a year ago and because of it I started using reddit and ever since being a Milanista is way more fun even tho the drama we face each week. Talking with actual people about the team I have followed since my childhood is something different. Where I live no one gives a shit about Italian football and it’s all about Barca and Madrid and I think I’m the only milanista who follows every game with death devotion. I visited San Siro alone three years ago for the Milan - Genoa match that got us into EL and if I had found this sub earlier I’m sure I would have been with a group Milanistas hanging out with me. Greetings from Chihuahua, Mexico and I’m positively sure that this Sunday the odds will be in our favor. Forza Milan!youjizz pornhub tubegalore