Inventory of the Top 10 Stars in AC Milan History!
AC Milan, which has a history of 120 years,
It is one of the greatest clubs in Europe and even in the world.
Having won 7 UEFA Champions League,
18 Serie A championships.
Milan's history is full of superstars. Below are ten superstars in the history of Milan Club in my mind.
The contribution to the club is my criterion. Blush 

NO.1 Gunnar Nordahl(1948-1956). 
        Gunnar Nordahl is one of the Swedish troikas of Milan in the 1950s (the other two are Gunnar Gren and NilsLiedholm). Nordahl is still the record holder of Milan's goals.
[Image: 0e2aaf99d00846ea82e5be4df55e83f7.jpeg]      [Image: AC%20Milan%20House%20Flag%20and%20Banner...20sale.jpg]

                    Gunnar Nordahl                                                                   AC Milan House Flag and Banner for sale