2019-20 Season
(07-15-2019, 03:35 AM)porcho Wrote: I think Ultimately 4th...
Lazio and Roma will have their usual brain farts and give us 4th spot.

we'll struggle 1st half and do well 2nd half. all in all, enough for 4th spot.

Lazio and Roma will have their usual brain farts and try to give us the 4th spot. 

We will then have our usual brain fart and give the 4th spot away to either Atalanta or Sampdoria (would be ironic) or Torino.  Angry or give it back to Lazio or Roma.   Devilol
I don't believe that Atalanta can repeat last season. Especially since they'll play CL.
This Giampaolo guy (and I'm surely not happy with his appointment) is better than Gattuso ,so even with same team we had last season - he must have better results. We should accumulate at least 10 points more than we had - with proper reinforcements (which ,most likely ,will not happen) even more. And if ,as you guys said ,Roma and Lazio continue with brain-farting than we should be safe at 4th spot. If not ,than will be "interesting"...
Juventus and Napoli we can't reach...Inter have major reinforcement in Conte ,so I believe they'll be out of reach too...
Avaiting for arrival of exorcist into our boardroom.