Djamel Mesbah
(01-26-2012, 03:48 PM)will4li Wrote: antonini has better skill than maldini,and equal pace.but his light frame is killing him,physical players can easily wear him down,cause him fatigue thus drift of focus.

abate's skill is worse than antonini,but he has adequte built and outstanding pace,so he is an almost wc LB when he gained experience.

what the hell is talent indeed? as for abate, his speed is the talent.antonini will be a complete morden player if he has a thicker frame(let me make an example,if he has zambrotta's built).

I beg your pardon? Devilol
(01-26-2012, 05:57 PM)fLame Wrote:
(01-26-2012, 04:59 PM)will4li Wrote: we should compare antonini to prime time zambrotta,that's a fair comparison.

I know abate is better than antonini,but if they exchange speed,abate can't even make milan first 11.remember his derby error.
How much does pirlo weigh? antonini is visibly thinner than pirlo,the physical stastics on the website is always outdated.

Disagree completely. Antonini is actually a slightly dumb player tactically.
Nesta has lost a lot of his pace and physique due to age, but he is still a vastly more superior player than Antonini. Antonini for me is a marginally more inteligent player than Taiwo.

Abate has made one mistake in the derby and you want to lynch him for it, while Antonini used to make mistake after mistake in most Serie A games he played in.

Also, Abate looks solid vs C.Ronaldo and other WC competition, while Antonini looks like a joke in such games.

This is a silly comparison from beginning to end imo.

This. Okmilan
(01-27-2012, 01:57 AM)Hitman Wrote: his wage is something like 500k per season, it will go up to 0.8m a season... Taiwo's wage was 1.5m/season, and we got rid of him half way through season so we saved 0.75m from Taiwo's wages (after-tax, so that means we saved 1.5m).

Taiwo's was 1.8m, I believe. Anyway, I am happy that Mesbah seems to be off to a decent start. The Antonini vs. Abate and Antonini vs. Maldini Icon_lol2 comparisons almost make me forget that this is a Mesbah thread. Devilol
aka xudong
Antonini was a midfielder before,his overall skill definitely better than maldini.don't let M3's legendary glory dazzles your eye.

If antonini is actually a slightly dumb player tactically,abate also is.
May god with chinese footbball
(01-27-2012, 02:53 AM)will4li Wrote: Antonini was a midfielder before,his overall skill definitely better than maldini.don't let M3's legendary glory dazzles your eye.

An overstatement that even mzk57 will be proud of Devilf

Welcome to Milan, Djamel. Allegri said good things about his performance last night but then again he also diplomatically praised Taiwo too so I'll reserve my judgement until I see him play.
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I only said antonini's skill is better,not a better player.maldini's skill is good to play a DM at most,not enough to play a wing ordinary ACM's skill is better than any WC CDs.
May god with chinese footbball
If better skill doesn't necessarily make a better player (all other things like mentality etc being equal) then what the heck does? And your point about "thicker" body, well that explains why a robust striker like Emile Heskey scored 300 more goals than that stupid lanky glass man that is Pippo Inzaghi.

And now you're comparing a CB with ACM? Mate, an ACM's main job is to create whereas a CD's is to annihilate and you can't even grasp the simple yet contrasting difference between those two positions. *facepalm*
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So,you think maldini's skill is better than antonni,and m3 can play wing midfield just like antonini or zambrotta?

about skill,I means dribble,shoot, pass and ball protection. all men are equal to practice these skills.

sorry,I didn't notice you are a m3 faithful,I'm just talking with reasoning.
May god with chinese footbball
I watched Maldini play for over 20 years, and I can tell you how I think (I am going to try to convince you, which is not my forte anyway):

Dribble: Maldini is better Big Grin
shoot: Maldini is better Big Grin
Pass: Maldini is better Big Grin
ball protection: Maldini is better Big Grin

It does not take a Maldini faithful to believe that Maldini is better than Antonini, MUCH MUCH MUCH better. Big Grin I would be shocked if you could find one another fan (no need to be Milan fan) that agrees with you on this. Maldini has scored in most of his seasons with us, while Antonini perhaps had scored only 1 (?) goal in Serie A for Milan. I know that we are not talking about offensive skills only, but if I were you, I certainly wouldn't want to compare their defensive skills or intelligence. Not even close. Big Grin Big Grin

Cruyff once said (in very early 90s) that Milan was a superior team not because that they had better midfielders or attackers, but because that Maldini and Tassotti defended perfectly and offensively had skills even better than most other teams' midfielders or attackers.

There you go. I don't know how Cruyff defined "skills" but I happily take his words.

And, out of respect towards this "Mesbah thread", I will not go any further on this Maldini vs. Antonini comparison. Smile
aka xudong
I'm m1lan faithful so no need to apologize.

If the "dribble, shoot, pass, ball protection" skills are the criteria upon which you rate Antonini higher than Maldini, then my question is did you ever really watch Milan or football in general at all?

I'm sorry if it sounds harsh mate, but I'm up in arms now, really do.
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skill physics defensive instinct tactical awareness

maldini 7 8.5 9 9

antonini 7.5 6 7.5 7.5

my overall evaluation about this 2 players, maldini is slightly inferior in skill,but superior in defensive instinct and tactical awareness,and better in physics with a big margin.that's why maldini is maldini.
Unless you are a pro footballer or plays good amateur football,I won't change my thought about this 2.
May god with chinese footbball
At the age Antonini is now Maldini had won 3 UCL, several serie A titles, as well as undisputed LB in Italy NT, all the while the former wowed the serie B with his excellent dribble-pass-shoot and the season ticket holder sitting behind Milan dugout with his .15% better than average players' warm-up, and not to mention one call-up to NT.

Unless you're far weirder than the not so professional geekery statistician who summed up those data, I won't change my thought either Grinundwech
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