Pioli's 433 or 4231 or other
Pioli's Milan: 4-3-3 with Suso fulcrum
Pasquale Cacciola
October 8, 2019


Milan, this is what Stefano Pioli's new team will look like. We return to 4-3-3 with chance for Lucas Biglia, the re-launch of Lucas Paquetá and Suso central fulcrum.
[Image: Stefano-Pioli-1-1-880x586.jpg] Stefano Pioli ( Getty Images)
4-3-3, Stefano Pioli's Milan will restart . The preferred form of the company, the one for which it has always indirectly pushed in this start of the season. A classic scheme but reworked with variations on each line .

As told by La Gazzetta dello Sport on newsstands today, the first novelty would be in defense. Because the 53-year-old Emilian loves a three-and-a-half defense . That is with three more or less pure markers. In this case it is therefore conceivable a trio composed of the current Davide Calabria , Alessio Romagnoli and Mateo Musacchio .
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On the left, instead, the coach prefers an outsider who attacks and who only re-enters the non-possession phase . In fact, an added wing. That's why Theo Hernandez , author of the first goal in Genoa and leg player, is highly rated for ownership.

As for the median, Pioli loves the director . He considers it fundamental and indispensable. So watch out for that Lucas Biglia who could soon return to the limelight, also because the coach has already trained the Argentine at the time of Lazio. But in the end even Ismael Bennacer is not to be underestimated , since Pioli studied him well, also giving directions to his old DS Pantaleo Corvino.

As a mezzala, instead, the former Fiorentina prefers a man of power on one side and an element of quality and inclusion on the other. Easy to think of Frank Kessie and Lucas Paquetá . The first would make the Jordan Veretout purple, while the second would be Marco Benassi who with Pioli closed the championship as top scorer of the Tuscan team. But under this aspect also Hakan Calhanoglu and Giacomo Bonaventura have chances and suitable characteristics: attention to the triple ballot.

As for the attack, the new Rossoneri coach wants a true first point of reference . A bomber able to capitalize on opportunities but also to serve the team. The choice can only fall back on Krzysztof Piatek , but probably will have to move a little more than its characteristics.
The two outsiders, on the other hand, will have to be very offensive and prefer them with an inverted foot . So Suso will be proposed on his beloved right, where he will be able to return with left-handed, while on the other side there is Rafael Leão who starts in the front row but also looks at Ante Rebic and Calhanoglu maybe getting up front again. Suso, a prototype of the exterior that Pioli likes, will play a central role in this new Milan .

Seriously? Suso the center of Pioli's Milan? why everybody rates him so highly? I honestly don't get it...
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I'd rather see Paqueta in place of Biglia, Jack in the hole and Rebic instead of Suso.. hell I'd even put Samu instead of Suso... I'd actually go as low as giving Borini a go instead of Suso.

I hate Suso more than I hate any of my enemies. Even a damn husky wouldn't walk the ball outside the pitch with no pressure on him. A headless chicken.
(10-08-2019, 02:49 PM)Ace Wrote: Seriously? Suso the center of Pioli's Milan? why everybody rates him so highly? I honestly don't get it...

I know. Every single coach (other than Mihajlovic) rates him so highly. I don't get it either.
Suso at the centre stage again...........Thursday nights football here we come Heart Heart
Make Milan Great Again Okmilan
Xu and Reza please bring the humor because I'm crying on the inside
I Heart ACM !!
Sell Donnamanure!!
(10-08-2019, 07:09 PM)ACM1899 Wrote: Xu and Reza please bring the humor because I'm crying on the inside

Searching for the humour.
If money is the issue of not getting someone better than MG then might as well stick with MG. If management think Pioli is good and this is not about the money then the chances of them being right is low not zero but low enough to make us doubt their judgement, especially if we hear 4-3-3, Suso, "player X is a champion", "team is young" in Pioli news conference.
Is gattuso still under contract? If yes we should have brought him back and call this year a wash (because it is) and look for an actual coach in the summer
I Heart ACM !!
Sell Donnamanure!!
Thank you Greta!!!

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Make Milan Great Again Okmilan