100 reasons why it's worth living a Milanista!!!
[Image: icon6.gif] 100 reasons why it's worth living a Milanista!!!

quoted from the archived forum

1) Having goosebumps each time you hear or see the name 
2) The most beautiful combination of colours. Red and Black.
3) Being the most titled team in the world at International level.
4) First Italian team ever to have won the Champions Cup.
5) First Italian player to have won the prestigious Ballon d'Or in Gianni Rivera.
6) Gianni Rivera. Nuff said.
7) The luminous and genial assists of the Golden Boy to Prati and co.
8) Il Paron Nereo Rocco.   and imaging vividly the speeches of Il Paron starting with "Cio Mona".
9) Having Nordhal's 35 goals in a season in Serie A still being the record of goals scored in one season by a striker!
10) Pierino Prati's hat trick in Madrid against Cruyff's Ajax in the 69 Champions Cup final...[Image: star.gif]
11) Wembly. 1963. Cesarone Maldini raising the Champions Cup to the sky. A tradion was born...
12) Salonico. 1972. William Vecchi single-handedly winning the Cup Winners' Cup for Milan against Leeds. [Image: star.gif]
13) Milan-Bologna. 1979. Stella. [Image: star.gif] Nuff said.[Image: superhappy.gif]
14) Mark Attila Hately jumping over Carlo Judas Collovatti and offering the derby to Milan after years of sufferings. [Image: devil.gif]
15) Watching Luci a San Siro aka Donadoni enligthening the San Siro with his fumnabulesque runs and dribbles that would make proud Mané Garrincha!!!
16) Watching Kaizer Franz commanding like a general the defence in a beautifully and synchronized manner whihc would have made proud Jules Cesar and Napolean Bonaparte.
17) The mesmerizing and orgasmic goals of the Swan of Utrecht. The greatest of all!
18) Watching mesmerized the Divine Swan defy the laws of gravity of Newton in Madrid and score a diving header from the ground. Breathe-taking stuff.
19) Watching Ruud Gullit's run breezing through past the entire Napoli team and offering on a plate the goal of #11 to the Swan. Unforgettable!
20) Having the best and most faithful fans in the world. 80,000 fans at the San Siro to watch Milan-Cavese in Serie B while Inter with Rummenigge barely was able to pull 40,000 in Serie A. 
21) From Hell to Paradise in less than 5 years!!!
22) Carletto Terminator's missile that almost decapitated Paco Buyo's hand on April 19, 1989. : http://forum.devilsmania.com/images/smilies/bandit.gif
23) April 19, 1989: Total extermination Job of Real Madrid that would make Arnold Schwarzenegger's proud.
24) 90,000 Milanisti exodus in Cataluna to witness the boys over-conquering Coppa Campioni # 3.
25) Symphony of Angels recited by the Troupe of Il Diavolo in Barcelona in front of a capacity Camp Nou which left not even the slightest of chances to the opposing orchestra from Roumania.

More to come later..