Juventus vs. AC Milan serie a week 12; Sunday 10/11/2019
(11-11-2019, 11:56 PM)devoted_dm Wrote: I'd love to see Piatek and Leao together up front. The main problem I think is that if we do that, then we have no real forwards on the bench. If our management made one serious mistake this summer, it was to let Cutrone go without signing a proper replacement. Not that he was a phenomenal goalscorer, but neither is Leao, and to rely solely on Piatek was a bit naive. This is something that has to be corrected in January.

Depth is definitely a problem.  But as Reza has pointed out a million times, Suso is useless crossing if he is aiming for one person on the box against four defenders. 

Piatek/???? ——  Leao/Rebic

dont think we will see 2strikers upfront anytime soon based on Jube game, Piatek or no Piatek, the CF will be isolated because Zuzo prefers to stay on the right while Hakan is more in the middle. Since Pioli isnt afraid of benching Biglia, Kessie to try someone else to make it work, hopefully he would give it a try and play Rebic as CF. Leao although could offer more than Piatek with his pace and skill, is still raw and needs a little bit more time to adapt to the game imo.
aka edysim
Leao character is balotelli esq. Without the skill level.

Rebic is gattuso Esq I have no idea if he will be or not because he isn't getting quality playing time.
I Heart ACM !!