Barcelona's MSG and MSN, Which one you can support?
The French forward left Atleti after five years with the club last summer in a £107m move to the Nou Camp

For Antoine Griezmann Angel , silverware wasn't a factor in his move to the Nou Camp - he insists he was attracted to the club's style of play and the chance for him to 'grow' as a player.

Griezmann is no stranger to accolades. He lifted the World Cup with France last year and won three trophies with Atletico. 

“I came here to Barça to learn a new style of play, a new philosophy and to grow on a personal level. 
Because Atlético can also win the La Liga and the Champions League, they have the team and the coach to do it.'

He is proving his worth at the Spanish giants with eight goals in all competitions and three in his last four in La Liga - providing four assists overall.

He has made 16 starts, with just one appearance off the bench, to help Barcelona soar to the top of the league.
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While he might be moving on with a new club, the 28-year-old admits he still can't erase the memory of missing a penalty in the Champions League final against Real Madrid in 2016.

The score was 1-0 to Madrid at the time, and though Atletico equalized, later on, they went on to lose on penalties, and Griezmann can't help but wonder if he could have shifted the balance in Atletico's favor instead of hitting his shot against the bar.

His lowest moment under Diego Simeone came in the 2016 Champions League final defeat to Real Madrid, with Griezmann still haunted by it due to his missed spot-kick in regular time before eventually succumbing to their bitter rivals on penalties.

“It will always hurt me, even if I win [the Champions League] with another club. 

“It was my dream, the dream of the whole club and I had it in my feet. I can’t turn around, but I’m sure it will hurt me in ten or fifteen years.”

The brand-new winner of six Golden Balls Okmilan , a figure never reached by another player, enjoys his vacation and confesses that today he is more focused on creating games than converting goals.
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Griezmann is one of those who enjoy this situation since the Argentine usually supplies it to celebrate with the "Blaugrana" jacket, with which it seems more and more adapted every day since it arrived from Atlético Madrid.

One month on and Griezmann has already changed a lot of people’s minds: from zero to hero in Barcelona.

His perseverance and will to go forward while doing what he is asked to perfection makes him one of the most enjoyable Azulgrana to watch.

No flashy, unnecessary dribbles or ball losses. No low-quality shots, no absurd amount of impossible attempts that result in nothing. Griezmann reunites all the qualities of a good attacker and this has helped him find his feet in his new position.

Neymar Huh will always be Neymar, and during the four seasons he remained at FC Barcelona he left an indelible memory based on goals, assists and magic dribbles.

At 27 he is still a great player, but his turbulent march of the club seriously damaged the image that Barcelona has of him, and hence there are many who refuse his possible return.

If Neymar Jr returned, someone would have to leave. And it seems clear that the Cule fans, today, do not want the chosen one to be Griezmann.

If so, the fan would prefer that the Brazilian not return to Camp Nou, having hopes that the performance of the French will go even more over the coming months. 'Ney', therefore, is in the background.
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I only support Milan's HSK Sagrin
"Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it"
(01-02-2020, 01:19 PM)Sleeping Giant Wrote: I only support Milan's HSK Sagrin

I hope that Suso and Hakan won't be powerful and devastating enough to corrupt Ibra and Theo. Otherwise, imagine this:

Suso Hakan Ibra Theo

aka xudong